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Bridget Hutter

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About the author and department

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Relevant research

Hutter, B.M. (2011) Managing Food Safety and Hygiene: Governance and Regulation as Risk Management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. (Research monograph) LSE Research Online ID: 37125

Hutter, B.M. (2011) ‘Negotiating social, economic and political environments: Compliance with regulation within and beyond the state’ in C. Parker and V. Nielsen (eds.) Explaining Compliance: Business Responses to Regulation. Edward Elgar Available from LSE on request

Hutter, B.M. (2011) ‘Understanding the new regulatory governance: business perspectives’ Law & Policy 33(4): 459-76. (Peer-reviewed)

Hutter, B.M. and C.J. Jones (2007) ‘From government to governance: External influences on business risk management’, Journal of Regulation and Governance 1(1): 27-45.

Hutter, B.M. (2001) Regulation and Risk: Occupational Health and Safety on the Railways. Oxford University Press. (Research monograph) LSE Research Online ID: 12982

Hutter, B.M. (1997) Compliance: Regulation and Environment. Oxford socio-legal studies. Oxford University Press. (Research monograph) LSE Research Online ID: 51607 

Hutter, B.M. (1988) The Reasonable Arm of the Law? The Law Enforcement Procedures of Environmental Health Officers. Oxford: Clarendon Press

Evidence of impact

Hutter, B.H. and Amodu, T. (2008) Risk Regulation and Compliance: Food Safety in the UK

The Public Inquiry into the September 2005 Outbreak of E. coli O157 in South Wales:

Food Hygiene Delivery Programme Update. 13 November 2012. (FSA 12/11/05). ( ). 

Bridget Hutter on ‘Risk regulation has gone too far’, video by LSE and the Independent:

Relevant video and audio

Gearty Grilling with Bridget Hutter on 'Managing risk', 21 May 2015:

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