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Jude Howell and Jeremy Lind

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Jude Howell:

Jeremy Lind: (Institute of Development Studies)

International Development Department:

Relevant research

Howell, Jude (2014) Global war on terror, development and civil society. In: Desai, Vandana and Potter, Rob, (eds.) The Companion to Development Studies. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 536-539.

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‘Changing donor policy and practice on civil society in the post-9/11 context’ Research Briefing (and others) available at

Evidence of impact

Howell, Jude and Jeremy Lind, Counter terrorism measures and civil society in the UK and US. In Counter-terrorism and civil society, NCVO/ESRC NGPA Series:  or

Jude Howell quoted in in article `L’aide humanitaire, victime collaterale du 11 septembre’, 13.09.2011:

‘How the war on terror affects aid’, Britain in 2010, Annual Magazine of the Economic Social Research Council, pp 52:

‘Tricky Business: the Politics of Aid’ (J.Howell and J.S. Renouf), LSE Research, Issue 1, Spring 2010, pp 36-38:

Read their case study