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Conor Gearty

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Relevant research

(2007) C. Gearty, ‘Terrorism and Human Rights’ 42 Government and Opposition 340-362 at (evidence of at least 2* quality: national and international scholarly reliance on the research at e.g. (2010) 43 Comparative Political Studs 551; (2010) Int. J. Human Rights 542; (2007) 7 Defence Studs 317).

(2007) C. Gearty, ‘Reconfiguring Security’ 15 Renewal 105-109.

(2007) C, Gearty Civil Liberties (Oxford: OUP, 2007) (reviews at e.g. (2009) 6 EHRLR 809; [2009] Pub. Law 179; Global Policy, 23 May 2013 (at;

Times Higher, 13 June 2013 (at

(2007) C. Gearty, ‘The Dilemmas of Terror’ [October 2007] Prospect 34-38.

(2008) C. Gearty, ‘The Superpatriotic Fervour of the Moment’ 28 (1) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 183-200. DOI number: 10.1093/ojls/gqn002

(2008) C. Gearty, Human Rights, civil society and the challenge of terrorism (LSE & ESRC: LSE Centre For Human Rights, 2008) (available at

Evidence of impact

Counter-Terrorism Act 2008, ss 22, 25, 26, Part 3, and ss 76, 77.

HC Deb 19 November 2001 vol 375 col 69 (MP for Dudley North): “I am sure it would help the House if the Minister, or the Home Secretary, could reiterate that it is Government policy that the Bill's provisions will be a last resort—in other words, that if foreign international terrorists can be prosecuted here … they will be…. I should also say that, at first blush, I am attracted to Professor Gearty’s proposal … for an annual report on detentions, by an independent commissioner”. “Liberty and Security”, Cambridge Centre for Public Law and Law Without Borders event, Cambridge University, May 2013, at

Relevant videos and podcasts

The Burning Issue: the DNA of Human Rights (2012):

Podcast of lecture called ‘Human Rights, Security and the Rule of Law after Snowdon’ (2014):

On Fantasy Island: British politics, English judges and the European Convention on Human Rights, 6 November 2014:

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