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Barbara Fasolo

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Relevant research

Fasolo, Barbara and Bana-Costa, Carlos (2014) Tailoring value elicitation to decision makers' numeracy and fluency: expressing value judgments in numbers or words. Omega: the International Journal of Management Science, 44 . pp. 83-90.

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Evidence of impact

Reference to their work on Hospital Choice Architecture

Boyce, Tammy, Dixon, Anna, Fasolo, Barbara and Reutskaja, Elena (2010) Choosing a high-quality hospital: the role of nudges, scorecard design and information. The King's Fund, London, UK.

Summary, full report and appendices available at:

King’s Fund submission to Nuffield Trust ratings review, available at:

King’s Fund submission to the Co-operation Competition Panel on choice and Any Willing Provider, available at:

King’s Fund submission to the Department of Health on greater Choice and Control, available at:


Email from Bob Gann, DH/ NHS Choices, March 2013:

‘I am pleased to confirm that the research carried out for Choosing a High Quality Hospital was very influential in our design work for NHS Choices find and compare services section. Back in 2010 this area of NHS Choices presented an often confusing set of variables without a consistent visual language. If you look at the site today many of the recommendations of the Kings Fund research have been taken on board with choice factors which are most important to patients displayed more prominently and "compare the market" style icons used consistently and clearly.’ 

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