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Patrick Dunleavy and Simon Hix

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Patrick Dunleavy

Simon Hix 

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Relevant research

P. Dunleavy and (with H. Margetts) ‘Understanding the dynamics of electoral reform’, International Political Science Review, (1995), vol. 16, no.1, pp. 9-29.

P. Dunleavy and H. Margetts. (1999) ‘Mixed electoral systems and the Jenkins Commission on voting reform in Britain’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations (1999), vol.1, no.1, pp. 12-38.

P. Dunelavy and H. Margetts, ‘Reforming the Westminster electoral system: Evaluating the Jenkins Commission proposals’, in D. Denver, J. Fisher, P. Cowley and C. Pattie (eds) British Elections and Parties Review, Volume 9 (London: Cass, 1999), pp. 46-71.

‘Facing up to multi-party politics: How partisan dealignment and PR voting have fundamentally changed Britain’s party systems’, Parliamentary Affairs (2005), vol.58, no. 3, pp. 503-32.

P. Dunleavy, ‘Assessing how far Charter 88 and the constitutional reform coalition influenced voting system reform in Britain’, Parliamentary Affairs, (2009), vol. 62, no.4, pp. 618-644.

Simon Hix, Ron Johnston and Iain McLean. (2001) Choosing an electoral system:  A report by the British Academy Policy Centre (London: British Academy). Available at: or

See also the same authors ‘Electoral reform: a vote for change?’, Political Insight 1 (2), pp. 61-63,; and How to choose an electoral system, British Academy Review, 2010, pp. 1-3,

Evidence of impact

Patrick Dunleavy, Evidence to the Constitutional and Political Reform Committee, House of Commons, 27 July 2010.

Simon Hix Evidence to the Joint Committee of the Commons and Lords on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill, 23 September 2011.

Bill Kissane, Evidence to the Constitutional and Political Reform Committee, House of Commons, 7 July 2012.

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Read their case study