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Simon Dietz and Sam Fankhauser

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About the authors, department and centre

Simon Dietz:

Sam Fankhauser:

Geography Department (Dietz):

Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment:

Relevant research

Dietz, S., C. Hope, et al. (2007a). "Some economics of 'dangerous' climate change: reflections on the Stern Review." Global Environmental Change 17(3-4): 311-325.

Dietz, S., C. Hope, et al. (2007b). "Reflections on the Stern Review (1): a robust case for strong action to reduce the risks of climate change." World Economics 8(1): 121-168.

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Evidence of impact

DECC (2009). Carbon Valuation in UK Policy Appraisal: A Revised Approach. London.

Dietz, S. (2007). Review of DEFRA paper: “The Social Cost of Carbon and the Shadow Price of Carbon: what they are and how to use them in Economic Appraisal in the UK”. London, London School of Economics and Political Science. Mimeo LSE Research Online ID: 21613

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Globe International (2011). Emissions Trading: Lessons Learned from Europe and Recommendations to Countries Developing New Schemes, mimeo, unpublished. Confidential: available from LSE on request.

Relevant video and audio

Simon Dietz interview with the Upside on climate change:

Simon Dietz presentation at the Graduate Institute, Geneva on ‘The Future of Negotiating Climate Change’:

Read their case study