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Paul De Grauwe

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About the author and department

Personal webpage: 

Department – European Institute

Relevant research

De Grauwe, P., (2012), The Governance of A Fragile Eurozone, Australian Economic Review, vol. 45, no. 3, pp. 255–68. This and earlier versions have 189 citations according to Google Scholar.

De Grauwe, P., (2012), The European Central Bank: Lender of Last Resort in the Government Bond Markets?, in Allen, F., Carletti, E., Simonelli, S., Governance of the Eurozone: Integration or Disintegration, Wharton Financial Institutions Center, FIC Press, pp. 17-28. LSE Research Online ID: 46637

De Grauwe, P. (2012), “How not to be a lender of last resort”, CEPS Commentaries, 23 March. LSE Research Online ID: 51511

De Grauwe, P. (2012) (9th ed) The Economics of Monetary Union. Oxford University Press. LSE Research Online: 46349

De Grauwe, P., and Ji, Y., (2012), Sovereign risk and macroeconomic stability in the Eurozone, Journal of Common Market Studies, 50:86, 866-880

De Grauwe, P., and Ji, Y., (2013), Self-fulfilling crises in the Eurozone: an empirical test, (2012a), Journal of International Money and Finance, 34:15-36

Evidence of impact

Wolf, M., Draghi alone cannot save the euro, Financial Times, September 11th, 2012.

Draghi, M. President of the ECB, Frankfurt am Main, 6 September 2012.

Design Failures of the Eurozone. Can they be fixed?" paper.

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Krugman, P. (2012), End the Depression Now, Norton, New York. See also:

Krugman, P. (2013). Paul De Grauwe and the Rehn of Terror.

Wyplosz, C., The ECB’s trillion Euro bet, VoxEU, February 2012,

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Paul de Grauwe entry on Vox:

The Economist entry

Quatremer, J., (2012), La BCE doit racheter de façon illimitée la dette de la zone euro, Libération,çon-illimitée-la-dette-publique-de-la-zone-euro.html

Warner, J., Only the ECB can save the euro now, The Telegraph, 30 May, 2012,

ECB LTRO seen doomed to fail, Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2012,

Paul de Grauwe post on 'Debt relief for Greece is necessary to avoid a crisis in the Eurozone' on the LSE European Politics and Policy blog, 12 January 2015:

Relevant video and audio

The Eurozone’s design failures: can they be corrected? – LSE public lecture by Paul DeGrauwe (podcast):

Social Europe Journal video – Paul DeGrauwe on the Eurozone crisis:

LSE panel on Eurozone deadlock – Paul DeGrauwe as speaker:

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