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Michael Cox, Toby Dodge, Christopher Hughes and Jurgen Haacke

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About the authors, department and centre

Personal webpages:

Michael Cox:

Toby Dodge:

Christopher Hughes:

Jurgen Haacke:

International Relations Department:



Relevant research

Dodge, Toby (2012) Iraq's road back to dictatorship. Survival, 54(3). pp. 147-168.

Cox, Michael (2012), ‘Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West?’, International Relations 26: 369-388.

Alden, Chris and Hughes, Christopher R. (2009) Harmony and discord in China’s Africa strategy: some implications for foreign policy. China quarterly,199 pp. 563-584.

Haacke, Jürgen (2006) Myanmar's foreign policy: domestic influences and international implications. Adelphi series. Routledge.

Haacke, Jurgen. (2006) ‘Myanmar’s Foreign Policy’, Adelphi Paper no.381, International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Haacke, Jurgen. Myanmar: Now a site for Sino-US geo political competition? LSE IDEAS


Evidence of impact

Michael Cox

The UK-China Strategic Communication Initiative of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the British Embassy Beijing commissioned and translated key academic articles on foreign affairs as a means to engage and encourage debate in China’s foreign and security policy communities ( These articles included one by Michael Cox titled ‘Power shifts, economic change and the decline of the west?’ (28 November 2012), available at: 

Video and transcript for an interview by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with Michael Cox on the topic of ‘America’s future is secure', 30 August 2011:

Toby Dodge

‘Iraq invasion 2003: The bloody warnings six wise men gave to Tony Blair as he prepared to launch poorly planned campaign’, The Independent, 25 January 2015:

Also reported in Pravda, 27 January 2015:

Toby Dodge’s participation in the first seminar of the Iraq Inquiry Committee, 5 November 2009:

Toby Dodge’s submissions to the Iraq Inquiry Committee:

What accounts for the evolution of International Policy towards Iraq 1990-2003?:

What were the causes and consequences of Iraq’s descent into violence after the initial invasion?, 10 November 2009:

Reaction in Times Higher Education, 6 December 2009:

Christopher Hughes

Transcript of speech at Chatham House at session on ‘Regional responses to security challenges in the Asia-Pacific. Session 2: Crisis management, conflict management and other regional security factors’, 7 November 2014:

Public lecture at Hue University on the topic of ‘China’s approach to relations with ASEAN and Vietnam: What does the South China Sea/East Sea dispute tell us?’, 16 September 2014:

Interview on titled ‘China – cranking up the tension’, 5 June 2014:

Transcript of interview about Taiwan on Reddit, 22 March 2014:

Jurgen Haacke

‘Why did Myanmar’s opposition leader just visit China?’ The Diplomat, 15 June 2015:

‘How will Beijing treat Myanmar’s symbol of democracy?: A Chinafile conversation’, Asia Society China File, 11 June 2015: 


‘Who says India wants to be a superpower?’, South Asia Monitor, 9 July 2012. Air Vice-Marshal Arjun Subramaniam (Assistant Chief of Air Staff looking after Space, Concepts and Doctrine at Air Headquarters, New Delhi) discusses an IDEAS report titled ‘India: the next superpower?’:

IDEAS report:


Relevant video and audio

Michael Cox on ‘What future for the UK in the European Union’, 15 February 2014:

Michael Cox on ‘Reflecting on the end of the Cold War’, 29 October 2014:

Michael Cox on ‘Power shifts, economic change and the decline of the west? ‘ Durham University’s Castle Lecture Series, 13 March 2013:

Michael Cox on ‘A new narrative for the 21st century:? Power shift, American decline and the rise of the east’ at the University of Birmingham, 10 March 2012:

Interview with Michael Cox at the Dahrendorf Symposium, 20 December 2011:

Toby Dodge on ‘Iraq’s national elections and a new regional Cold War’ at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, 28 April 2014:

Toby Dodge on ‘Iraq: the past, the future and why it matters to you’, 24 April 2012:

Toby Dodge on ‘Intervention and dreams of exogenous state building’ as guest speaker at the Security and International Relations Programme, University of Westminster, 21 November 2012:

Christopher Hughes on the conflict in the South China Sea at the Second Annual CAF-LSE Global South Conference, 20 March 2015:

Jurgen Haacke’s interview with Derek Tonkin on the 2010 elections in Myanmar, 18 November 2010:

Jurgen Haacke speaking at ‘Legitimising the illegitimate? Burma’s political dilemmas’, 22 April 2013:

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