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Paul Cheshire

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Geography and Environment Department:

Relevant research

Cheshire, P and S. Sheppard (1995) 'On the Price of Land and the Value of Amenities', Economica, 62, 247-67.,

Cheshire, P and S. Sheppard (1998) ‘Estimating the demand for housing, land and neighbourhood characteristics’, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 60, 3, 357-82.

Cheshire, P and S. Sheppard (2002) 'Welfare Economics of Land Use Regulation', Journal of Urban Economics, 52, 242-269.

Cheshire, P. and S. Sheppard, (2005) ‘The Introduction of Price Signals into Land Use Planning Decision-making: a proposal’ Urban Studies, 42, 4, 647-663.

Cheshire, P. and C.A.L.Hilber, (2008), ‘Office space supply restrictions in Britain: the political economy of market revenge’. Economic Journal, 118, Issue 529, F185–F221.

Hilber, C. and W. Vermeulen (2012) ‘The Impact of Supply Constraints on House Prices in England, SERC Discussion Paper no. 119.

Cheshire, P., C.A.L. Hilber and I. Kaplanis (2013) ‘Land Use Regulation and Productivity – Land Matters: Evidence from a UK supermarket chain, SERC Discussion Papers, No 138.

Evidence of impact

Influencing policies during the Blair and Brown Governments

Barker, K. (2004) Review of Housing Supply: Final Report - Recommendations, London: HMSO.

Barker, K. (2006b) Barker Review of Land Use Planning; Final Report - Recommendations, London: HMSO.

Influencing policies during the Coalition Government

Foresight project looking at the future of land use in the UK over the next 50 years (February 2010):

The Plan for Growth, UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills (2011):

Understanding local growth. BIS Economics Paper No. 7 (October 2010):

Communities and Local Government Committee – Minutes of Evidence HC 1526 (10 October 2011):

National Planning Policy Framework (November 2012)

Business rates retention: step-by-step guide (July 2012):

Influencing policy outside the UK 

Land use restrictions as barriers to entry, OECD Policy Roundtables (2008): 

Using land for housing, The New Zealand Productivity Commission, September 2015:

Professional recognition

Planning. March 8 2013:

Relevant video and audio

Gearty Grilling with Paul Cheshire on the housing crisis (video):

Paul Cheshire interviewed on segment called ‘Crest Nicholson CEO says housing policy ‘tinkering’’ on Bloomberg TV (video):

Paul Cheshire speaks at LSE Event called ‘Housing: where will we all live?’ (June 2014) (audio):

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