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Nancy Cartwright

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Resources related to the case study:

About the author and department

Personal webpage (Durham):

LSE Philosophy Department:

Relevant research

Cartwright, N. Hunting Causes and Using Them: Approaches in Philosophy and Economics. Cambridge University Press, 2007. LSE Research Online no: 20464

Cartwright, N. ‘Evidence-Based Policy: What’s to be done about Relevance?’ Philosophical Studies 143 (1), 127-136, 2009.

Cartwright, N. ‘What are Randomised Controlled Trials Good For?’ Philosophical Studies 147 (1),59-70, 2010.

Cartwright, N. ‘Will This Policy Work for You? Predicting Effectiveness Better: How Philosophy Helps’ Philosophy of Science, 79 (5), 973-989, 2012. LSE Research Online no: 37070

Cartwright, N. Evidence Based Policy: A Practical Guide to Doing it Right. (with Jeremy Hardie) Oxford University Press, 2012. LSE Research Online no: 51407

Evidence of impact

Example #1: Evaluating the impact of aid initiatives

Broadening the Range of Design and Methods for Impact Development. Department for International Development, Working paper 38, April 2012:

Michael Woolcock ‘Using case studies to explore the external validity of ‘complex’ development interactions’ WIDER Working Paper No 2013/096. October 2013.

World Bank blog on development impact

Example #2: Evaluating talking therapies

The New Savoy Partnership Consensus Statement:

UKCP evidence to the Health Select Committee inquiry into NICE, Autumn 2012 and news of reaction from NICE:

Example #3: Reviewing effectiveness of the UK child protection system

Cartwright, ND and Munro, E (2010) ‘The limitations of randomized controlled trials in predicting effectiveness,’ Journal of evaluation of clinical practice, 16(2), 260-266. ISSN 1356-1294

Munro, E (2011) The Munro Review of Child Protection, Final Report: A Child-centred System. London. Department for Education.

Confirmation of acceptance of the report’s recommendations by UK government

Munro, E. 2012 Progress Report: Moving towards a child-centred system, London, DfE.

Munro, E. 2013 Working together to Safeguard Children, 2013, London, DfE. (Implementation of Recommendations)

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