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Ricky Burdett

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About the author and department

Personal webpage:

Sociology Department:

Relevant research

Urban Task Force Report [Chair: Lord Rogers] (1999). Chapter 2: ‘Designing the Urban Environment and Defining Success: Key Principles of Urban Design’ in Towards an Urban Renaissance, pp. 49-85, London: DETR. (Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions).

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Colantonio, A., Burdett, R., Rode, P. (2013). Transforming Urban Economies: Policy Lessons from European and Asian Cities. London: Routledge.

Evidence of impact

Brownfield sites and more liveable places

Department for Communities and Local Government (2011). Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing (PPS3). London: Crown Copyright.

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The London Olympics

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Key policy appointments

Citta di Genova (2011). Piano Urbano Comunale. Genova: Citta di Genova.

Announcement by Department of Transport, UK Government, 2 November 2012, available at

Cities and the green economy

United Nations Environment Programme (2011) Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication, pp. 452 – 493:

Urban age and wider reach

Warren, J. (1 March 2012). The City That Works (Even Better!): Emanuel's Strategy for Chicago Growth in The Atlantic. Available at

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