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Luc Bovens

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Relevant research

Bovens, L. (2006) ‘The Rhythm Method and Embryonic Death’, Journal of Medical Ethics, 32, pp. 355-56.

Bovens, L. (2009) Can the Catholic Church agree to condom use by HIV-discordant couples?  Journal of Medical Ethics, 35(12): 743-6.

Evidence of impact

‘Rhythm method criticised as a killer of embryos’, New Scientist, May 25, 2006:

‘The rhythm and the damage done’, Harper's Magazine, August 2006:

Letter to the Editor in The Tablet, 11 December 2010:

Philosophy Bites podcast and comments on ‘Catholicism and HIV’, 31 July 2011:

Relevant video and audio

Philosophy Bites podcast on ‘Catholicism and HIV’, 31 July 2011:

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