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Society, media and science

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE


The downsides of looking like a leader|

Having highly confident people in positions of power can have its disadvantages, according to research experiments.

Entrée de Jean II le_Bonsquare

Bringing up the bodies with big data|

Newly available genealogical records are helping to provide insights into the lives the European nobility, and may provide important clues about why Western Europe led the Industrial Revolution.


Speed shadowing shows that appearances can be deceptive|

Research experiments show that regardless of our personality, our identities are intimately connected with our physical appearance.


The humanity of war: iconic photojournalism of the battlefield|

From the First World War to the war on terror, the ways of war have changed drastically over the last century. The images which record these conflicts have also evolved.


The politics of outer space|

Forty five years after the Moon landing, outer space still holds a fascination for the world, associated with prestige, political and military power.


Dumbing down the smart city|

Does the smart city concept put technology ahead of people, ignoring the very things that make us human?


Facebook reveals its shallow side|

Does social media wield the power we think it does? Not when it comes to mobilising the masses to action.


Do what you love, love what you do|

The dream of giving up the daily grind and finding a true vocation has fuelled a million job searches. But can our often elusive ‘calling’ be found?



The fundamental flaws behind today's educational assisted technology|

Why technology is not the great equaliser when it comes to students with additional needs.


A Facebook revolution?|

The role of social media in the Egyptian uprising


Men seek help using female avatars|

Why online games are helping men lose their inhibitions

stain glass angel

Flight of the angels|

Evangelical outreach in the UK challenges ideas of the ‘sacred’ and the ‘secular’

Greek Flag

The personal side of a very public crisis|

Young Greeks talk to Dr Athanasia Chalari about their experience of the economic crisis  

Distributing Hizb-Ut-Tahrir pamphlets after prayers

Inside out|

How young British Muslims come to feel alienated from the country of their birth

mri brain scan

Screen and intervene|

Would the ability to predict which child might grow up to be a criminal be a good thing?


father and son

A matter of death and life|

Study shows that men who think about mortality aim to father more children.



Is financial journalism in crisis?|

New compact needed between the financial press and the media.


Computer kid

Making sure the kids are alright|

The Europe-wide project that assesses the dangers of the internet.


Red and yellow cards

When sorry isn't enough|

Philosopher Luc Bovens explores the limits of an apology.