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Society, media and science

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE


Dumbing down the smart city|

Does the smart city concept put technology ahead of people, ignoring the very things that make us human?


Facebook reveals its shallow side|

Does social media wield the power we think it does? Not when it comes to mobilising the masses to action.


Do what you love, love what you do|

The dream of giving up the daily grind and finding a true vocation has fuelled a million job searches. But can our often elusive ‘calling’ be found?



The fundamental flaws behind today's educational assisted technology|

Why technology is not the great equaliser when it comes to students with additional needs.


A Facebook revolution?|

The role of social media in the Egyptian uprising


Men seek help using female avatars|

Why online games are helping men lose their inhibitions

stain glass angel

Flight of the angels|

Evangelical outreach in the UK challenges ideas of the ‘sacred’ and the ‘secular’

Greek Flag

The personal side of a very public crisis|

Young Greeks talk to Dr Athanasia Chalari about their experience of the economic crisis  

Distributing Hizb-Ut-Tahrir pamphlets after prayers

Inside out|

How young British Muslims come to feel alienated from the country of their birth

mri brain scan

Screen and intervene|

Would the ability to predict which child might grow up to be a criminal be a good thing?


father and son

A matter of death and life|

Study shows that men who think about mortality aim to father more children.



Is financial journalism in crisis?|

New compact needed between the financial press and the media.


Computer kid

Making sure the kids are alright|

The Europe-wide project that assesses the dangers of the internet.


Red and yellow cards

When sorry isn't enough|

Philosopher Luc Bovens explores the limits of an apology.