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Ethnic diversity an issue in UK professional workplaces|

Workplaces need to change if we are to create a more ethnically diverse professional culture, says LSE researcher.


'The Girl Effect': stereotyping the developing world|

Corporate giant Nike’s ‘The Girl Effect’ campaign has successfully engaged Western audiences but how accurate is its message?


Rise of the female breadwinner|

The steady rise of women in the workforce over the past 30 years has helped drive the global economy, but has it really addressed inequality?


Do poorer children receive lower quality childcare?|

There’s a strange dynamic happening across Britain’s public playgroups and private nurseries.


Does it pay to be a good corporate citizen?|

Once upon a time, making a profit was all that mattered for most companies. Now, being a good corporate citizen is just as critical, but do the two go hand in hand?

behind bars

The ethnic identity parade behind bars |

An examination of how prisoners from different ethnic and religious backgrounds interact.


older care

Relying on family care in the 21st century?|

Study shows growing gap between the numbers of elderly people needing care, and those able to provide it in future.



There's no one quite like Grandma|

Research into studies of child well-being shows grandmothers are much more important than fathers during the early years.