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Research highlights

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE


British Army-120x120

A study of the British Army: white, male and little diversity
(Society, media and science)

It is one of the last bastions of power and hierarchy. New findings from LSE suggest the British Army is also a strong defender of white, male privilege with little evidence of diversity.

digital ghosts

Live forever (Society, media and science)

Digital media is interacting with death in ways that raise questions around the future role of media and communication in society.

workplace 120x120

Autism in the workplace (Health)

New LSE research could provide a critical breakthrough for job seekers with Asperger’s syndrome  

Call Centre

Working the phones (Economy)

Call centre workers are much reviled, but what conditions do they face and what power do they have to resist them? One academic investigated.

Peanuts 120

Not just Peanuts (Society, media and science)

Charles Schulz once said that "Peanuts" was just a “plain old comic strip”, but a new article argues that the social and psychological insights of his work should not be overlooked.

Cours_Julien_(Marseille) 120 120

Vive la difference? (Politics)

As a secular republic, France does not collect data on religious faiths or ethnic groups, posing a challenge to economists and policymakers looking to address discrimination.


Will Britain's brand strengthen or weaken as a result of Brexit? (Society, media and science)

Five months after the seismic vote setting Britain on a new path outside of the EU, countless questions remain about the potential impact of Brexit. How will Brexit will affect Britain’s international brand in the eyes of the world. Will consumers and marketers give it the thumbs up or down?

BoothLondon 120 120

Mapping LSE's heritage (Economy)

To mark the centenary of Charles Booth’s death, departments across LSE have used his work to create a new exhibition, inspire LSE’s Research Festival 2016, and develop a new and updated website.


The New Minority? (Politics)

How did the white working class come to see itself as peripheral in society and what are the political consequences of this? 

Virgin Atlantic 120x120

Airline pilots cut their carbon footprint (Environment)

How do you encourage one of the world’s biggest CO2-emitting industries to reduce its carbon footprint? Just tell its employees they’re being watched.

IndependenceMonumentAshgabat 120 120

How can we fix democracy? (Politics)

The past decade has seen democracy in retreat, with authoritarianism and dictatorships making a comeback. How can we halt the decline of democracy around the world?

Corbyn 120 120

Partisanship in the age of Corbyn (Politics)

What does Jeremy Corbyn’s remarkable rise to become Labour party mean for the role of party members in democracies?


Getting better all the time? Challenging the UN's good news story about poverty and hunger (World regions and development)

How do we count how many people in the world are in poverty or hungry? And should we question those figures?