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Research highlights

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE


Mosque Istanbul 120 120

Piecing together Turkey's intellectual puzzle (Society, media and science)

Rapid social and economic development in Turkey has prompted renewed questioning of its national identity and interest in history and culture.

Self driving car120x120

Road death puts the brakes on self-driving cars as flaws are exposed (Law)

The first known death caused by a self-driving car in the US this year has highlighted some serious legal and safety issues in the booming autonomous vehicle industry. New LSE research is looking to find solutions. 

Campd David small

Absent friends: King Hussein and the Camp David peace accords (Politics)

A new article argues that the exclusion of Jordan from the Camp David negotiations has meant a comprehensive peace settlement in the Middle East has proved elusive.

suffragettes 120x120

First women at the polls (Politics)

Giving women the vote is recognised as one of the most significant societal changes of the last 150 years. How did it change government policy in the early days?

Barbed wire

Changing meaning in war memoirs (Society, media and science)

A new study looks at how the study of soldiers’ memoirs can help us understand the historical context of war.

polling station 122x120

Class act (Politics)

New research from LSE looked at how one party achieved political mobilisation in an economically deprived area in south England.

Roy_Jenkins_1977 120 120

Portrait of a president (Politics)

A new book from LSE discusses Roy Jenkins’ legacy as president of the European Commission.

divorce image 120

Can mediation take the pain out of divorce? (Social policy)

Research by LSE sheds light on the impact parental conflict can have on children during the divorce process, and points the way towards how mediation could help. 

10 downing street small

Spads and spin: how governments are making the news

(Society, media and science)

The description of government communications as ‘spin’ has been part of the political lexicon since the mid 1990s. But what is the reality behind its image?

german flag_120x120

Germany, gender and job satisfaction (Social policy)

Germany may be the economic powerhouse of Europe, but cultural differences between East and West reveal some deeply ingrained views relating to gender, parenthood and job satisfaction. 


UN women Nepal_120x120

Gender training for the troops (Society, media and science)

It is 15 years since the United Nations adopted Resolution 1325. Despite some progress, sexual violence is still a major problem in conflict zones and women remain vastly under represented in peacebuilding and prevention efforts. 


elderly lady small

"I went upstairs to get my chequebook" (Social policy)

LSE research shows that elderly adults can be vulnerable to doorstep fraud, criminal activity which may go under-reported because of its complex nature.