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Research highlights

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE



Drugs enter the digital age| (Health|)

The world's health sector has gone digital, with electronic prescriptions, digitised supply chains and personalised medicine the new buzz words.


Ethical dilemmas of vaccination| (Health|)

How relevant are gender and age when making policies about vaccination and does this leave governments open to claims of discrimination? Dr Jeroen Luyten says it's time we had the debate.


Lagging economies and brain drain| (Economy|)

PhD research by Enrico Orru reveals a downside for lagging economies that send students abroad to further their skills and knowledge.


An eye on the skies| (Environment|)

How accurate are hurricane forecasts and do global insurance premiums reflect the real risk?


Speed shadowing shows that appearances can be deceptive| (Society, media and science|)

Research experiments show that regardless of our personality, our identities are intimately connected with our physical appearance.


Sex and fertility versus health in AIDS stricken Africa| (World regions and development|)

How do you reconcile the basic sexual and fertility needs of 25 million Africans with the stark reality of HIV/AIDS?


Should we lower the voting age to 16?| (Politics|)

Sixteen year olds in the UK can't drink, drive, get a tattoo or watch an R-rated film. Why should we give them voting rights?


The right to be forgotten| (Law|)

The recent court judgement forcing Google to delete a link to a story revealing a Spanish man’s history of insolvency has reignited an age-old debate about the balance between privacy and freedom of expression.


The humanity of war: iconic photojournalism of the battlefield| (Society, media and science|)

From the First World War to the war on terror, the ways of war have changed drastically over the last century. The images which record these conflicts have also evolved.


The future of the NHS| (Health|)

The future of the NHS is looming as a critical election issue in 2015. Is the UK’s health system in danger of collapse, as some commentators claim, or is it just media hype?


The politics of outer space| (Society, media and science|)

Forty five years after the Moon landing, outer space still holds a fascination for the world, associated with prestige, political and military power.


Ethnic diversity an issue in UK professional workplaces| (Social policy|)

Workplaces need to change if we are to create a more ethnically diverse professional culture, says LSE researcher.


London still hangs on to rental stigma| (Economy|)

Why is the cost of renting sky high in London and less socially acceptable for middle-income families than in New York and Europe?


The fight against cyber crime| (Economy|)

Is cyber-crime as big a threat as rumoured? According to the authors of a report on the financial sector, under-reporting and over-spending are huge issues in the industry.


Policing Europe's borders| (World Regions and Development|)

Europe depends on partnerships with West and North African security forces to help crack down on irregular migration, but this has created an 'illegality industry' which causes unnecessary suffering for those who become its targets.


Dumbing down the smart city| (Society, media and science|)

Does the smart city concept put technology ahead of people, ignoring the very things that make us human?


Food for thought| (Law|)

What is speculative trading and how can it lead to food poverty?


Expensive mistakes on the trading floor| (Economy|)

How do you separate technical slipups from human factors when it comes to high-risk environments?