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Research highlights

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE


Virgin Atlantic 120x120

Airline pilots cut their carbon footprint (Environment)

How do you encourage one of the world’s biggest CO2-emitting industries to reduce its carbon footprint? Just tell its employees they’re being watched.

IndependenceMonumentAshgabat 120 120

How can we fix democracy? (Politics)

The past decade has seen democracy in retreat, with authoritarianism and dictatorships making a comeback. How can we halt the decline of democracy around the world?

Corbyn 120 120

Partisanship in the age of Corbyn (Politics)

What does Jeremy Corbyn’s remarkable rise to become Labour party mean for the role of party members in democracies?


Getting better all the time? Challenging the UN's good news story about poverty and hunger (World regions and development)

How do we count how many people in the world are in poverty or hungry? And should we question those figures?

What can demography tell us about democracy 120 120

What can demography tell us about democracy? (World regions and development)

New research suggests global demographic transition can also have important positive consequences, including the promotion and development of democracy.

hackney car 120 120

Why riots don't happen (Society, media and science)

The urban riots shook cities across England over four days in August 2011. But why did some areas succumb to rioting and disorder, while others stayed calm?

Mosque Istanbul 120 120

Piecing together Turkey's intellectual puzzle (Society, media and science)

Rapid social and economic development in Turkey has prompted renewed questioning of its national identity and interest in history and culture.

Self driving car120x120

Road death puts the brakes on self-driving cars as flaws are exposed (Law)

The first known death caused by a self-driving car in the US this year has highlighted some serious legal and safety issues in the booming autonomous vehicle industry. New LSE research is looking to find solutions. 

Campd David small

Absent friends: King Hussein and the Camp David peace accords (Politics)

A new article argues that the exclusion of Jordan from the Camp David negotiations has meant a comprehensive peace settlement in the Middle East has proved elusive.

suffragettes 120x120

First women at the polls (Politics)

Giving women the vote is recognised as one of the most significant societal changes of the last 150 years. How did it change government policy in the early days?