Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE
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A class act

New research from LSE looked at how one party achieved political mobilisation in an economically deprived area in south England.

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Portrait of a president

Dr Piers Ludlow discusses the late Roy Jenkins’ legacy as president of the European Commission. 

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What does justice require in times of crisis?

During 2015, large numbers of refugees have crossed the Mediterranean in search of a better life. How should nations respond?


The politics of counter terrorism since 9/11

Can Muslims hold alternative views without being considered a potential danger to society? 



Should we lower the voting age to 16?

Sixteen year olds can't drink, drive, get a tattoo or watch an R-rated film. Why should we give them voting rights?


The terrorist mindset

Understanding the mindset of a terrorist and their motivation is not enough. What drives them may be more useful in winning the war against terror.

Fort Hood memorial service

Wolves at the door?

Why al-Qaeda's strategy to inspire an insurgency by individual Muslims from within the heart of the west will not succeed  



UK terrorism and the Kashmir connection

The importance of Kashmiri militia camps in UK terrorism 


Textbook and globe

School history on the global stage

What's taught in the classroom can sometimes have international ramifications


Dubai highway

Bridging the gulf

The need to reform the relationship between the state and society in the Gulf states.


Barbed wire

Violent reprisals on the Western Front

How the Germans used violence against prisoners of war to their tactical advantage in the First World War.



Defenders of the cause

How ethnic parties can moderate their politics without losing their supporters and still take power.



Is compulsory voting justified?

A logical look at the arguments for forcing people to vote in elections.