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Should we lower the voting age to 16?|

Sixteen year olds can't drink, drive, get a tattoo or watch an R-rated film. Why should we give them voting rights?


The terrorist mindset|

Understanding the mindset of a terrorist and their motivation is not enough. What drives them may be more useful in winning the war against terror.

Fort Hood memorial service

Wolves at the door?|

Why al-Qaeda's strategy to inspire an insurgency by individual Muslims from within the heart of the west will not succeed  



UK terrorism and the Kashmir connection|

The importance of Kashmiri militia camps in UK terrorism 


Textbook and globe

School history on the global stage|

What's taught in the classroom can sometimes have international ramifications


Dubai highway

Bridging the gulf|

The need to reform the relationship between the state and society in the Gulf states.


Barbed wire

Violent reprisals on the Western Front|

How the Germans used violence against prisoners of war to their tactical advantage in the First World War.



Defenders of the cause|

How ethnic parties can moderate their politics without losing their supporters and still take power.



Is compulsory voting justified?|

A logical look at the arguments for forcing people to vote in elections.