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World regions and development

Discover some of the cutting edge research being conducted at LSE

Getting better all the time? Challenging the UN's good news story about poverty and hunger

How do we count how many people in the world are in poverty or hungry? And should we question those figures?

What can demography tell us about democracy 120 120

What can demography tell us about democracy?

New research suggests global demographic transition can also have important positive consequences, including the promotion and development of democracy.

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Finding the sweet spot in international aid

The notion that multiple aid donors can be bad for developing countries is widely held. But new research finds that greater diversity and a larger number of donors can lead to better outcomes.

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Measles and migrants

In the past two years, Europe has recorded more than 22,000 cases of measles: a sharp reversal of the 96% decline of the last 20 years. Why is it happening and who is at risk? New LSE research sheds some light on the issue.

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Zambia urged to tackle the stigma of abortion

Around 30 per cent of maternal deaths in Zambia each year are due to unsafe abortions, despite the legalisation of abortion some 40 years ago.


Sex and fertility versus health in AIDS stricken Africa

How do you reconcile the basic sexual and fertility needs of 25 million Africans with the stark reality of HIV/AIDS?


Policing Europe's borders

Europe depends on partnerships with West and North African security forces to help crack down on irregular migration, but this has created an 'illegality industry' which causes unnecessary suffering for those who become its targets.


Charity without compassion

When it comes to responding to human suffering, are we turning into a nation that clears its conscience with a cheque?


Africa's health crisis

The world is waking up to Africa's health crisis and realising a different approach is needed.

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Rio project a model for research

Why we should be taking a leaf out of the Rio project and adopting a multi-stakeholder model when it comes to research. 

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Singing songs of AIDS in South Africa

Singing about the taboo subject of AIDS prevention and treatment in South Africa can have unintended consequences for those who sing



Aid agencies neglecting Rwandan genocide survivors

How a lack of focus on survivors is contributing to their continuing marginalisation and impoverishment.



Rethinking the politics of hunger

When it's rational to do nothing in the face of starvation.



The Afghan pygmy who turned into a giant

The crisis in Afghanistan is neither simple nor new, shows work by a regular visitor to the troubled country.