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Road death puts the brakes on self-driving cars as flaws are exposed

The first known death caused by a self-driving car in the US this year has highlighted some serious legal and safety issues in the booming autonomous vehicle industry. New LSE research is looking to find solutions. 


Poles and prejudice 

Although Poles make up the third largest foreign-born community in the UK, new research from LSE shows they are being exploited at record levels in their adopted country.

Waiting for the verdict

Watching women watching the courtroom

Excluded from most of the legal process until the early Twentieth Century, women’s role in the courtroom has largely gone unremarked. That was until Linda Mulcahy from LSE’s Department of Law decided to link her love of art and law.


The right to be forgotten

The recent court judgement forcing Google to delete a link to a story revealing a Spanish man’s history of insolvency has reignited an age-old debate about the balance between privacy and freedom of expression.


Food for thought

What is speculative trading and how can it lead to food poverty?


Courts raise the bar in global age

Do our law courts deserve a reputation for being part of a bygone era – stuffy, rigid and out of touch?

piano keys

I write the songs (not you)

How did a famous pop melody lead to legal action 40 years later and what does the case tell us about creative people and copyright?

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Questioning stop and search

Could drugs policy actually have a negative impact on the communities that it is designed  to protect?


baby holding finger

Who's the Daddy?

With many families not fitting the 'traditional model', the law is struggling to define who and what a parent is.

Star of David

Law and the holocaust

What can the Nazi legal persecution of the Jews tell us about the morality of the law?


How far can employers pry into our private lives?

Human rights law can show new paths for the protection of workers' rights.


New extreme porn law will be 'impossible to enforce'

Consenting adult fetishists may be wrongly prosecuted, legal research suggests.

Women crime and character

Women crime and character

A legal and literary look at the changing face of England from Moll Flanders to Tess of the d'Urbervilles.