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The right to be forgotten|

The recent court judgement forcing Google to delete a link to a story revealing a Spanish man’s history of insolvency has reignited an age-old debate about the balance between privacy and freedom of expression.


Food for thought|

What is speculative trading and how can it lead to food poverty?


Courts raise the bar in global age|

Do our law courts deserve a reputation for being part of a bygone era – stuffy, rigid and out of touch?

piano keys

I write the songs (not you)|

How did a famous pop melody lead to legal action 40 years later and what does the case tell us about creative people and copyright?

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Questioning stop and search|

Could drugs policy actually have a negative impact on the communities that it is designed  to protect?


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Who's the Daddy?|

With many families not fitting the 'traditional model', the law is struggling to define who and what a parent is.

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Law and the holocaust|

What can the Nazi legal persecution of the Jews tell us about the morality of the law?


How far can employers pry into our private lives?|

Human rights law can show new paths for the protection of workers' rights.


New extreme porn law will be 'impossible to enforce'|

Consenting adult fetishists may be wrongly prosecuted, legal research suggests.

Women crime and character

Women crime and character|

A legal and literary look at the changing face of England from Moll Flanders to Tess of the d'Urbervilles.