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The future of the NHS|

The future of the NHS is looming as a critical election issue in 2015. Is the UK’s health system in danger of collapse, as some commentators claim, or is it just media hype?


Nudging the obese|

With obesity levels in the UK now the third highest in Western Europe, political leaders are struggling to find a solution to the nation’s expanding girth. Are nudge policies the way to go?



Bipolar disorder divides two nations|

Health and children are a potent mix. Throw in commercial interests and flawed science and the end result is hugely controversial.


Patient care comes down to team work|

Psychology comes into play more than you think in the corridors of our hospitals and nursing wards.

Jumping for joy

Re-imagining happiness|

Generally we are not very good at predicting what will make us happy. So imagine the problems facing policymakers trying to design policies that will boost our happiness and well-being. Thankfully economics, and Professor Paul Dolan, can help.



Why are poorer people in western societies more likely to be obese?|

A look at the underlying factors that could explain socio-economic inequalities in obesity.


organ donation

The desire to donate organs|

What drives people to donate organs for transplant in the European Union?



The hidden cost of strokes|

Professor Alistair McGuire unravels the complex economics behind Europe's most common cause of disability.