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Virgin Atlantic 120x120

Airline pilots cut their carbon footprint

How do you encourage one of the world’s biggest CO2-emitting industries to reduce its carbon footprint? Just tell its employees they’re being watched.


An eye on the skies

How accurate are hurricane forecasts and do global insurance premiums reflect the real risk?


Saving the world with marketing strategies?

How marketing techniques could play a key role in tackling climate change

Pritchard Road sign

A space to live

How ethnic minority families in East London responded to homes built with their needs in mind


Letting the rat out of the bag

The cultural influence of John B. Calhoun's rodent experiments


insurance climate

Insuring for the worst hoping for the best

Calculations about the risky business of climate change.


The politics of power

LSE research shows that belief is stronger than knowledge when it comes to the nuclear options.