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Call Centre

Working the phones

Call centre workers are much reviled, but what conditions do they face and what power do they have to resist them? One academic investigated.

BoothLondon 120 120

Mapping LSE's heritage

To mark the centenary of Charles Booth’s death, departments across LSE have used his work to create a new exhibition, inspire LSE’s Research Festival 2016, and develop a new and updated website.



Working to the death

Should we accept George Osborne’s claim that the UK’s state pension scheme faces collapse unless we increase the retirement age? 


£20 billion reasons to shop on Sunday

When Sunday trading was introduced in England and Wales in 1994, trade unions and religious groups objected strongly. But 21 years down the track, what evidence is there to show how detrimental or positive it has been?


Lagging economies and brain drain

PhD research by Enrico Orru reveals a downside for lagging economies that send students abroad to further their skills and knowledge.


London still hangs on to rental stigma

Why is the cost of renting sky high in London and less socially acceptable for middle-income families than in New York and Europe?


The fight against cyber crime

Is cyber-crime as big a threat as rumoured? According to the authors of a report on the financial sector, under-reporting and over-spending are huge issues in the industry.


Expensive mistakes on the trading floor

How do you separate technical slipups from human factors when it comes to high-risk environments?


The future of high streets

What can an inner city, comparatively-deprived area of London teach us about the future of high street retailing? Plenty it appears.


Mapping the economic fortunes of European cities

Why have some European cities weathered the global financial crisis better than others? The answers might surprise you.


Tales of the city

What makes some cities thrive and prosper while others struggle, persistently failing to respond to attempts by policy makers to turn them around?

speeding train

Predicting property booms from station to station

Forecasting house price rises could help raise money for public transport improvements

bull market

The rise of the machines?

In automating the financial markets it's important to retain the 'social' component that people bring.


The good jobs at the end of the high road

A comparison of life in call centres reveals why democracy at work matters


Challenging the macho mindset of City traders

LSE research uncovers the link between pay and emotional intelligence at City of London investment banks.


Uncovering the never unionised in the USA

A major analysis of workers in the United States looks at those who are likely to remain permanently outside the union movement.



Should we abolish the minimum wage?

Research suggests that companies raise prices rather than reduce staff.

Sir Thomas Gresham - merchant and member of the gentry

Merchants of fortune

Sending their sons into trade was a strategic choice for many gentry families in sixteenth and seventeenth century England.


Wall Street sign

Trading up

Collective values in a Manhattan trading room and their role in recovery after the World Trade Center attacks



short term contracts

An end to job stability?

Why short-term contracts are becoming increasingly common.


Phoenix cities rise again

Researchers identify the European cities which have fought back from industrial ruin.