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British Journal of Sociology

Cover of an issue of the British Journal of SociologyEditors: Don Slater, Nigel Dodd, Katherine Stovel, Frances Heidensohn, Manali Desai, Jackie Gauntlett

Published by Wiley-Blackwell

For more than 60 years the British Journal of Sociology (BJS) has represented the mainstream of sociological thinking and research. Consistently ranked highly by the ISI in Sociology, this prestigious, international journal publishes sociological scholarship of the highest quality on all aspects of the discipline, by academics from all over the world.

The BJS 2009 Public Lecture was held on 6 October 2009 and can be viewed as a video podcast on the BJS News archive| web page and is also available to download as an audio podcast|. Please see the BJS News| web page for more details of the lecture.

See also BJS| pages on Wiley-Blackwell website.