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Cover of an issue of BioSocieties

Editors: Nikolas Rose, Ilina Singh and Adele E. Clarke

Published by Palgrave Macmillan

Now in its fifth year of publication, BioSocieties is an innovative new journal in the social sciences, dedicated to advancing analytic understanding of the social, ethical, legal, economic, public and policy aspects of current and emerging developments in the life sciences. These include genomics, neuroscience, psychopharmacology, biomedical and reproductive technologies, and biosecurity.

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As the first journal of its kind, BioSocieties publishes scholarship across the social science disciplines, and represents a lively and balanced array of perspectives on controversial issues. In our first four years BioSocieties demonstrated the constructive potential of interdisciplinary dialogue and debate across the social and natural sciences. We are becoming the journal of choice not only for social scientists, but also for life scientists interested in the larger social, ethical and policy implications of their work. The journal is international in scope, spanning research and developments in all corners of the globe.

BioSocieties is published quarterly, with occasional themed issues that highlight some of the critical questions and problematics of modern biotechnologies. Articles, response pieces, book reviews, and self-standing editorial pieces by social and life scientists form a regular part of the journal.