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Nations and Nationalism

Cover of an issue of Nations and NationalismNationalism is the central issue of the modern world. Since the demise of the Soviet Union there has been a proliferation of nationalist and ethnic conflicts. The consequent explosion of interest in ethnicity and nationalism has created an urgent need for systematic study in this field. Nations and Nationalism |aims to satisfy this need.

As a scholarly, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, it is designed to respond to the rapid growth of research in the study of nationalism and nationalist movements throughout the world. Nations and Nationalism |is the only journal in the English-speaking world specifically devoted to the study of nationalism.

The journal is published quarterly by Blackwells and includes original studies -theoretical, empirical, historical and philosophical - of a range of issues in the field, together with review articles and book reviews. Special issues highlight subjects and areas of current interest. The journal covers all areas of the world.



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