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Modern Law Review

Cover of an issue of Modern Law ReviewThe Modern Law Review |is a general, peer-refereed journal that publishes original articles relating to common law jurisdictions, and increasingly to the law of the European Union and international law.

In addition to publishing articles on all branches of the law, the Review contains sections devoted to recent legislation and reports, to case analysis, and to review articles and book reviews.

Since its foundation more than 70 years ago, the Modern Law Review has been providing a unique forum for the critical examination of contemporary legal issues and of the law as it functions in society. The Review today stands as one of Europe’s leading scholarly journals, a ranking confirmed by recent research of UK legal academics which identified the Modern Law Review as having the highest academic quality of any UK-based law journal.*

The Modern Law Review has also provided a unique forum for the promotion of legal education and scholarship. These objects have been promoted not only through the publication of the law journal, but also by the organisation and funding of lectures, seminars and other scholarly activities. Whilst it is an independent charitable body, it has always maintained a strong link with LSE, where its registered office is based.

The Modern Law Review is incorporated in England as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act (reg no. 325 282) and is registered as a charity (reg no. 264072).

*See Campbell et al. (1999), Journal Publishing, Journal Reputation, and the United Kingdom’s Research Assessment Exercise| [PDF] Journal of Law & Society 24 (4), pp. 470-501.


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