Milio, Simona

Dr Simona Milio  


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European Institute

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LSE Enterprise

Associate Director – Social and Cohesion Policy

LSE100 - The LSE Course


Experience keywords:

structural funds; Cohesion policy; institution building; regional policy; social cohesion; social policy; multilevel governance; social inclusion; institutional capacity

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Dr Simona Milio holds a PhD in European Studies from LSE. The main research interests and experience are: Cohesion Policy and Social Cohesion. At the moment, she is leading a project for the Bertelsmann Stiftung Foundation, which aims to set up a “Social inclusion monitor” over the next 4 years.

Recent research projects have covered: the impact of the economic crisis on the social, territorial and economic dimensions of cohesion policy; achievements of cohesion policy at regional level from 1988; social policy innovation; vocational education training.

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Greece; Italy; Spain

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020 7955 6824


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Gambaro, Ludovica and Milio, Simona and Simoni, Marco (2004) Partnership for development: the weight of civil society in Italian territorial employment pacts Discussion Papers Series, 155. International Institute for Labour Studies, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN 9290147458

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First prize for the best doctoral thesis in the Committee of the Region's (EU) Theses Competition 2009 on 'Local and Regional Authorities in the European Union'.

Short bio >

Dr. Simona Milio is Associate Director of the Social and Cohesion Policy Unit. She holds a PhD in European Studies from LSE. Her area of research ranges across European public policy and political economy, especially in the framework of EU policy developments and cross-country comparisons, with a focus social and cohesion policy at both national and regional level.

Dr Milio has significant experience of working for the European Institutions, especially European Commission (DG Regio, DG employment), European Parliament as well as other organizations such as Europe Aid, Eurofound, European Training Foundation, International Labour Organization and national and regional bodies.


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