Jovchelovitch, Sandra

Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch  


Position held

Professor of Social Psychology and Director of the MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology


Experience keywords:

Brazil; Brazilian public sphere; belief systems; community development; dialogue and communication; health; inter-cultural dialogue; knowledge processes; participation; public sphere; social representations

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My research interests are in the social and cultural psychology of community and public spheres, knowledge and belief systems in contemporary societies, the social psychology of participation and community development. My current projects are a study of social regeneration, cultural dialogue and the use of art in Rio's favelas and an international investigation on how children represent the public world. My interests in Brazil cover the social psychology of the Brazilian public sphere, participation in the public sphere and community development.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Consultancy; Creative Industries and Culture; Healthcare; Policy and Regulatory Bodies


French [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]; Italian [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]; Portuguese [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; Spanish [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

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Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 6863



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