Bronk, Richard

Mr Richard Bronk  


Position held

European Institute

Visiting Fellow – Political Economy

Experience keywords:

Hayek; European Union; philosophy of economics; history of ideas; political economy; models of capitalism; reflexivity; uncertainty; analytical monocultures

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Richard Bronk’s research interests centre on the role of imagination, language and metaphor in economics, the dangers of analytical monocultures, and the epistemology of markets. His approach to philosophy of economics is grounded in a history of ideas perspective and in his practical experience in financial markets and economic policy.

He is author of two books: "Progress and the Invisible Hand - the Philosophy and Economics of Human Advance" (Little Brown, 1998); and "The Romantic Economist - Imagination in Economics" (Cambridge University Press, 2009). He is currently working on the link between innovation and uncertainty; and on the destabilising role of narrative and modelling monocultures in financial markets.

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Bronk, Richard (2013) Hayek on the wisdom of prices: a reassessment Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 6 (1). 82-107. ISSN 1876-9098

Bronk, Richard (2013) Reflexivity unpacked: performativity, uncertainty and analytical monocultures Journal of Economic Methodology, 20 (4). 343-349. ISSN 1350-178x

Bronk, Richard and Jacoby, Wade (2013) Avoiding monocultures in the European Union: the case for the mutual recognition of difference in conditions of uncertainty LSE 'Europe in Question' discussion paper series, 67/2013. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London.


Bronk, Richard (2011) Uncertainty, modelling monocultures and the financial crisis The Business Economist, 42 (2). 5-18. ISSN 0306-5049

Bronk, Richard (2011) Epistemological difficulties with neoclassical economics. In: Southern Economic Association 2011, 19th-21st November 2011, Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC


Bronk, Richard (2010) The structuring role of metaphors and models In: Skidelsky, Robert and Wigstrom, Christian Westerlind, (eds.) The Economic Crisis and the State of Economics. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, USA, 101-110. ISBN 9780230102545


Bronk, Richard (2009) Book review: 'the nature of technology - what it is and how it evolves' by W. Brian Arthur The Business Economist, 40 (3). ISSN 0306-5049

Bronk, Richard (2009) Book review: animal spirits: how human psychology drives the economy and why it matters for global capitalism, by George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller The Business Economist, 40 (2). ISSN 0306-5049

Bronk, Richard (2009) The romantic economist: imagination in economics Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521513845


Bronk, Richard (2002) Commitment and credibility: EU conditionality and interim gains 2002-2. European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.


Bronk, Richard (2000) Errors of the enlightenment European Business Forum (2). 22. ISSN 1469-6460

Bronk, Richard (2000) Which model of capitalism? OECD Observer (221/22). 12-15. ISSN 0029-7054


Bronk, Richard (1998) Progress and the invisible hand: the philosophy and economics of human advance Little Brown, London, UK. ISBN 0751526606

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My latest book, The Romantic Economist - Imagination in Economics, was published by Cambridge University Press in February 2009.

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