Sattler, Thomas

Dr Thomas Sattler  


Position held

Department of International Relations

Associate Professor

Experience keywords:

international institutions; international political economy; political economy of financial markets; exchange rate politics

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

BankingFinancial Services


German [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; French [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 6788


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Sattler, Thomas and Spilker, Gabriele and Bernauer, Thomas (2013) Does WTO dispute settlement enforce or inform? British Journal of Political Science, Online. 1-26. ISSN 0007-1234

Sattler, Thomas (2013) Do markets punish left governments? Journal of Politics, 75 (2). 343-356. ISSN 0022-3816

Bechtel, Michael and Sattler, Thomas (2013) What is litigation in the WTO worth? International Organization. ISSN 0020-8183


Sattler, Thomas and Urpelainen, Johannes (2012) Explaining public support for international integration: how do national conditions and treaty characteristics interact with individual beliefs? Journal of Politics, 74 (4). 1108-1124. ISSN 0022-3816


Bechtel, Michael and Sattler, Thomas (2011) What is litigation in the WTO worth?

Sattler, Thomas and Spilker, Gabriele and Bernauer, Thomas (2011) Dispute settlement as rule clarification or enforcement?: evidence from the World Trade Organization

Sattler, Thomas and Bernauer, Thomas (2011) Gravitation or discrimination?: determinants of litigation in the World Trade Organisation European Journal of Political Research, 50 (2). 143-167. ISSN 0304-4130


Sattler, Thomas and Walter, Stefanie (2010) Monetary credibility vs. voter approval: political institutions and exchange-rate stabilization during crises Economics and Politics, 22 (3). 392-418. ISSN 1468-0343

Sattler, Thomas and Brandt, Patrick T. and Freeman, John R. (2010) Democratic accountability in open economies Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 5 (1). 71-97. ISSN 1554-0626


Sattler, Thomas and Walter, Stefanie (2009) Globalization and government short-term room to maneuver in economic policy: an empirical analysis of reactions to currency crises World Political Science Review, 5 (1). ISSN 1935-6226

Pavletic, Ivan and Sattler, Thomas (2009) Institutional persistence or reform: self-enforcing modernization and stagnation in transition countries

Sattler, Thomas and Walter, Stefanie (2008) Wirtschaftspolitischer Handlungsspielraum im Zeitalter der Globalisierung. Eine empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Währungskrisen Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 3. 464-490. ISSN 0032-3470

Sattler, Thomas and Freeman, John R. and Brandt, Patrick T. (2008) Political accountability and the room to maneuver: a search for a causal chain Comparative Political Studies, 41 (9). 1212-1239. ISSN 0010-4140

Bernauer, Thomas and Sattler, Thomas (2007) Les litiges de l'OMC sur la protection de l'environnement et des consommateurs In: Bitterlich, Joachim and Andréani, Gilles and Bernauer, Thomas and Boyer, Yves, (eds.) Annuaire Francais des Relations Internationales. Bruylant, France, 942-964. ISBN 9782802722205


Bernauer, Thomas and Sattler, Thomas (2006) Sind WTO-Konflikte im Bereich des Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutzes eskalationsträchtiger als andere WTO-Konflikte? Zeitschrift Fuer Internationale Beziehungen, 13 (1). 5-37. ISSN 0946-7165


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