Reich, Tara

Dr Tara Reich  


Position held

Department of Management

Assistant Professor

Experience keywords:

third-parties; incivility; workplace mistreatment; workplace relationships

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Dr. Reich's research interests centre on interpersonal mistreatment at work. In particular, her research examines how do those who witness inappropriate interpersonal behaviour respond to the situations they encounter.


French [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Basic]

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+44 (0)207 107 5389


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Totterdell, Peter and Hershcovis, M. Sandy and Niven, Karen and Reich, Tara C. and Stride, Chris (2012) Can employees be emotionally drained by witnessing unpleasant interactions between coworkers?: a diary study of induced emotion regulation Work and Stress, 26 (2). 112-129. ISSN 0267-8373


Hershcovis, M. Sandy and Reich, Tara C. (2010) Occupational stress In: Weiner, Irving B. and Craighead, W. Edward, (eds.) Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology. Wiley-Blackwell, London, UK. ISBN 9780470170243

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Hershcovis, M. Sandy and Parker, Sharon K. and Reich, Tara C. (2010) The moderating effect of equal opportunity support and confidence in grievance procedures on sexual harassment from different perpetrators Journal of Business Ethics, 92 (3). 415-432. ISSN 0167-4544

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