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Professor of International Law

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In previous writings I have addressed themes which include democracy, poverty, torture, counter-terrorism and apology, exploring their character and significance as problems of international law and human rights. My current work is concerned with exploitation and dispossession, and with some general questions to do with the prospects of systematic theory in international law.

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apology; human rights; torture; counter-terrorism; exploitation; dispossession; international law; poverty; democracy

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+44 (0)20 7955 7262


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Marks, Susan (2014) Backlash: the undeclared war against human rights European Human Rights Law Review. 319-327. ISSN 1361-1526


Marks, Susan (2012) Human rights in disastrous times In: Crawford, James and Koskenniemi, Martti, (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to International Law. Cambridge companions to law. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 309-326. ISBN 9780521143080


Marks, Susan (2011) What has become of the emerging right to democratic governance? The European Journal of International Law, 22 (2). 507-524. ISSN 0938-5428

Marks, Susan (2011) Human rights and root causes Modern Law Review, 74 (1). 57-78. ISSN 0026-7961

Marks, Susan (2011) Law and the production of superfluity Transnational Legal Theory, 2 (1). 1-24. ISSN 2041-4005


Marks, Susan (2009) False contingency Current Legal Problems, 62 (1). 1-21. ISSN 0070-1998

Marks, Susan (2009) Human rights and the bottom billion European Human Rights Law Review (1). 37-49. ISSN 1361-1526


Marks, Susan (2008) Exploitation as a legal concept In: Marks, Susan, (ed.) International Law on the Left: Re-Examining Marxist Legacies . Cambridge University Press, 281-307. ISBN 9780521882552

Marks, Susan (2008) The ideology of poverty In: Jouannet, Emmanuelle and Ruiz Fabri, Hélène and Tomkiewicz, Vincent, (eds.) Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law. Hart Publishing, 297-306. ISBN 9781841136882

Marks, Susan (2008) Introduction: international law on the left: re-examining Marxist legacies In: Marks, Susan, (ed.) International Law on the Left: Re-Examining Marxist Legacies . Cambridge University Press, 1-29. ISBN 9780521882552

Marks, Susan, ed (2008) International law on the left: re-examining Marxist legacies 1st, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521882552

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Susan Marks joined the LSE in 2010 as Professor of International Law. She previously taught at King’s College London and, prior to that, at the University of Cambridge, where she was a fellow of Emmanuel College. She was recently a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School. Her work attempts to bring insights from the radical tradition to the study of international law and human rights.


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