Gordon, Stuart

Dr Stuart Gordon  


Position held

Non LSE positions held

Chatham House

Associate Research Fellow


Experience keywords:

Afghanistan; health and conflict; military roles in development and natural disaster; stabilisation; state-building

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Afghanistan; Horn of Africa

Media experience:

Has written for mainstream press; Radio; TV

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7849 4655



Gordon, Stuart (2015) Romancing Principles and Human Rights: Are humanitarian principles salvageable? – Stuart Gordon International Development (9 Oct 2015) Blog entry

Gordon, Stuart and Donini, Antonio (2015) Romancing principles and human rights: are humanitarian principles salvageable? International Review of the Red Cross, 97 (897-8). 77-109. ISSN 1816-3831


Gordon, Stuart (2014) The military physician and contested medical humanitarianism: a dueling identity? Social Science and Medicine, 120. 421-429. ISSN 0277-9536


Gordon, Stuart (2012) Health, conflict, stability and statebuilding: a house built on sand? Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 7 (1). 29-44. ISSN 1750-2977


Gordon, Stuart (2011) Health, stabilization and securitization: towards understanding the drivers of the military role in health interventions Medicine, Conflict and Survival, 27 (1). 43-66. ISSN 1362-3699

Gordon, Stuart (2011) Winning hearts and minds? Examining the relationship between aid and security in Afghanistan’s Helmand province Feinstein International Center, Boston, USA.


Gordon, Stuart (2010) Defence policy and the 'joined up government' agenda: defining the limits of the 'comprehensive approach' In: Brown, David, (ed.) The Development of British Defence Policy: Blair, Brown and Beyond. Ashgate, Surrey, UK, 121-137. ISBN 9780754674894

Gordon, Stuart (2010) The United Kingdom's stabilisation model and Afghanistan: the impact on humanitarian actors Disasters, 34 (s3). S368-S387. ISSN 0361-3666


Gordon, Stuart (2009) Measures of effectiveness for peace operations and crisis management In: Meharg, Sarah Jane, (ed.) Measuring What Matters in Peace Operations and Crisis Management. Queen's policy studies series (58). McGill Queen's University Press, Montreal, Canada, 183-188. ISBN 9781553392293

Gordon, Stuart (2009) Civil society, the “new humanitarianism,” and the stabilization debate: judging the impact of the Afghan War In: Howell, Jude and Lind, Jeremy, (eds.) Civil Society Under Strain: Counter-Terrorism Policy, Civil Society and Aid Post-9/11. Kumarian Press, Connecticut, USA. ISBN 9781565492981

Farrell, Theo and Gordon, Stuart (2009) COIN machine: the British military in Afghanistan Orbis, 53 (4). 665-683. ISSN 0030-4387

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