Casey, Steven

Dr Steven Casey  


Position held

Professor in International History


Experience keywords:

US history; foreign policy; public opinion

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Dr Casey's research interests lie in the fields of US History since 1933, including the US and WWll and the Korean war. He is also involved in public opinion and foreign policy

Media experience:


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+44 (0)20 7955 7543

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Casey, Steven (2014) When soldiers fall: how Americans have confronted combat losses from World War I to Afghanistan Oxford University Press, New York, USA. ISBN 9780199890385 (In Press)


Casey, Steven (2012) Rhetoric and style of Truman's leadership In: Margolies, Daniel, (ed.) A Companion to Harry S. Truman. Wiley-Blackwell, London, UK, 26-46. ISBN 9781444331417


Casey, Steven (2011) The United States after unipolarity: Obama’s alliances IDEAS reports - special reports, Kitchen, Nicholas, ed SR009. LSE IDEAS, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Cox, Michael and Kitchen, Nicholas and Quinn, Adam and Futter, Andrew and Tardelli, Luca and Joyce, Joseph P. and Morgan, Iwan and Kelley, Robert and Casey, Steven and Hassan, Oz (2011) The United States after unipolarity IDEAS reports - special reports, Kitchen, Nicholas, ed SR009. LSE IDEAS, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.


Casey, Steven (2010) Casualty reporting and domestic support for war: the U.S. experience during the Korean War Journal of Strategic Studies, 33 (2). 291-316. ISSN 0140-2390

Casey, Steven (2010) Wilfred Burchett and the UN command's media relations during the Korean War, 1951-52 Journal of Military History, 74 (3). 821-845. ISSN 0899-3718


Casey, Steven and Wright, Jonathan, eds (2008) Mental maps in the era of two world wars Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9780230007161

Casey, Steven (2008) Selling the Korean War: propaganda, politics, and public opinion in the United States, 1950-1953 Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780195306927

Casey, Steven (2008) Franklin D. Roosevelt In: Casey, Steven and Wright, Jonathan, (eds.) Mental Maps in the Era of Two World Wars. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, 216-239. ISBN 9780230007161


Casey, Steven (2005) Selling NSC-68 : the Truman administration, public opinion, and the politics of mobilization, 1950–51 Diplomatic History, 29 (4). 655-690. ISSN 1467-7709

Casey, Steven (2005) White House publicity operations during the Korean War, June 1950 – June 1951 Presidential Studies Quarterly, 35 (4). 691-717. ISSN 1741-5705

Casey, Steven (2005) The campaign to sell a harsh peace for Germany to the American public, 1944–1948 History, 90 (297). 62-92. ISSN 1468-229X


Casey, Steven (2003) Propaganda in the Korean War In: Cull, Nicholas and Culbert, David and Welch, David, (eds.) Propaganda and Mass Persuasion. ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, USA. ISBN 9781576078204


Casey, Steven (2001) Cautious crusade: Franklin D. Roosevelt, American public opinion, and the war against Nazi Germany Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 9780195139600


Casey, Steven (2000) Franklin Roosevelt, Ernst 'Putzi' Hanfstaengl and the 'S-Project', June 1924-June 1944 Journal of Contemporary History, 35 (3). 339-359. ISSN 0022-0094

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