Tavernor, Robert

Professor Emeritus Robert Tavernor  


Position held

Emeritus Professor of Architecture and Urban Design


Experience keywords:

Palladianism in Britain and America; architecture and the built environment; architecture and urban design; architecture; built environment; classical tradition of European architecture; design and location of tall buildings; environment; relationship of body and architecture; relationship of modern buildings to historic architecture; theory and practice of architecture; urban design and masterplanning; urban planning

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Professor Tavernor is an architect, urban designer and architectural historian with an active London-based consultancy which advises on major building and urban design projects. He has acted as chairman of international design juries and as a consultant architect and historian he provides architectural, heritage and urban planning advice to institutions, developers and architects in London.

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London; UK


Italian [Spoken: Basic, Written: N/A]

Media experience:

Radio; TV

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Tavernor, Robert (2001) Leon Battista Alberti: master builder of the Italian renaissance Architectural Research Quarterly, 5 (2). 187-188. ISSN 1359-1355

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