Trubowitz, Peter

Professor Peter Trubowitz  


Position held


United States Programme

Department of International Relations

Professor of International Relations

Experience keywords:

Sino-American relations; American party politics and elections; US grand strategy and foreign policy

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My main teaching and research interests are in the fields of international security and comparative foreign policy, with special focus on U.S. grand strategy and foreign policy. I also write and comment frequently on U.S. party politics and elections and how they shape and are shaped by America’s changing place in the world.

Countries and regions to which research relates:

China and Asia-Pacific; USA and North America

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LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 6978


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Trubowitz, Peter (2014) Book review forum: dynamics among nations: the evolution of legitimacy and development in modern states by Hilton Root LSE American Politics and Policy Blog (27 Mar 2014) Blog entry

Trubowitz, Peter (2014) In foreign policy, Obama has begun his fourth quarter rally LSE American Politics and Policy (29 Dec 2014) Blog entry


Trubowitz, Peter and Seo, Jungkun (2013) The China card: playing politics with Sino-American relations Political Science Quarterly, 127 (2). 189-211. ISSN 00323195

Trubowitz, Peter (2013) The U.S. shutdown has a hefty international price tag LSE American Politics and Policy (8 Oct 2013) Blog entry


Trubowitz, Peter (2011) Politics and strategy: partisan ambition and American statecraft Princeton University Press, Princeton, USA. ISBN 9780691149585

Trubowitz, Peter and Mellow, Nicole (2011) Foreign policy, bipartisanship and the paradox of post-September 11 America International Politics, 48 (2-3). 164-187. ISSN 1384-5748


Kupchan, Charles A. and Trubowitz, Peter (2010) The illusion of liberal internationalism’s revival International Security, 35 (1). 95-109. ISSN 0162-2889

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Combining innovative theory and historical analysis, Politics and Strategy answers classic questions of statecraft and offers new ideas for thinking about grand strategies and the leaders who make them.

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Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship in U.S. Foreign Policy, Beijing, China J. David Greenstone Book Prize, American Political Science Association President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award, UT Austin MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in International Peace and Security Olin Foundation Fellowship in National Security Affairs Ford Foundation Fellowship in Arms Control


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