Paech, Philipp

Dr Philipp Paech  


Position held

Assistant Professor in Law


Non LSE positions held

Institute for Law and Finance, Frankfurt

Senior Research Fellow


Experience keywords:

civil/commercial law; financial markets law; financial markets regulation; insolvency; investor rights

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Philipp’s principal research interest is international financial markets law and regulation and the close interaction with insolvency and general civil/commercial law, covering adjacent aspects of private international law. He has worked extensively on legal risk and inefficiencies of cross-jurisdictional disposition of securities, and on cross-jurisdictional exercise of investor rights. Additionally, Philipp advises on legal aspects of the financial market infrastructure, covering institutions like central securities depositories, central counterparties and securities settlement systems. In the context of the recent financial crisis, he has focussed on netting mechanisms and the resolution of financial institutions. His work concentrates on the international legal and regulatory framework and on European legislation.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Financial Services; Law; Policy and Regulatory Bodies

Countries and regions to which research relates:



German [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

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LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 7372

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Paech, Philipp (2017) The governance of blockchain financial networks Modern Law Review. ISSN 0026-7961 (In Press)


Paech, Philipp (2016) Securities, intermediation and the blockchain: an inevitable choice between liquidity and legal certainty? Uniform Law Review, 21 (4). 612-639. ISSN 1124-3694

Paech, Philipp (2016) The value of financial market insolvency safe harbours Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 36 (4). 855-884. ISSN 0143-6503


Paech, Philipp (2015) The value of insolvency safe harbours LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Paper Series, 10.2139/ssrn.2578521. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.


Paech, Philipp (2014) Close-out netting, insolvency law and conflict-of-laws Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 14 (2). 419-452. ISSN 1473-5970


Paech, Philipp (2013) Shadow banking – legal issues regarding collateral and insolvency law European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

Paech, Philipp (2013) Market needs as paradigm: breaking up the thinking on EU securities law In: Conac, Pierre-Henri and Segna, Ulrich and Thévenoz, Luc, (eds.) Intermediated Securities: the Impact of the Geneva Securities Convention and the Future European Legislation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 22-64. ISBN 9781107023475

Paech, Philipp (2013) Enforceability of close-out netting: draft UNIDROIT principles to set new international benchmark Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, 2013 (1). 13-19. ISSN 0269-2694

Gerner-Beuerle, Carsten and Paech, Philipp and Schuster, Edmund-Philipp (2013) Study on directors’ duties and liability LSE Enterprise Limited, London, UK.


Paech, Philipp (2012) Draft principles and commentary regarding the enforceability of close-out netting provisions UNIDROIT study Group on principles and rules on the netting of financial instruments, Study 78C - Doc. 13. UNIDROIT, Rome, Italy.


Paech, Philipp (2011) A first tentative structure for principles regarding the enforceability of netting agreements UNIDROIT study group on principles and rules on the netting of financial instruments, Study LXXVIII C – Doc. 3. UNIDROIT, Rome, Italy.

Paech, Philipp (2011) Preliminary draft report on: the need for an international instrument on the enforceability of close-out netting in general and in the context of bank resolution UNIDROIT study group on principles and rules on the netting of financial instruments, Study 78C - Doc. 2. UNIDROIT, Rome, Italy.

Paech, Philipp (2011) Cross-border issues of securities law: European efforts to support securities markets with a coherent legal framework European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.


Paech, Philipp (2010) Netting, Finanzmarktstabilität und Bankenrestrukturierung: Die Notwendigkeit eines internationalen zivilrechtlichen Standards zum Netting Wm Zeitschrift Für Wirtschafts- und Bankrecht, 42. 1965-1970. ISSN 0342-6971

Paech, Philipp (2010) Systemic risk, regulatory powers and insolvency law: the need for an international private law framework for netting Working Paper Series, Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Paech, Philipp (2009) Post trading of securities: shaping the European response to legal barriers Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, 2009 (4). ISSN 0269-2694


Paech, Philipp (2007) Interconnecting law of securities holding and transfer: a chance for seamless international improvements Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, 1 (4). 9-15. ISSN 0269-2694


Paech, Philipp (2006) EU post trading, the 'barriers' and harmonisation of law Euredia : Revue Européenne de Droit Bancaire and Financier, 3-4. 279-307. ISSN 1780-7611


Paech, Philipp (2005) Global capital markets and the law of intermediated investment securities In: Kodificácia, A, (ed.) Europpeizácia a Harmonizácia Súkromného Práva. Iura Edition, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Paech, Philipp (2005) Grenzüberschreitende wertpapierverfügungen: rechtssicherheit und effizienz durch kompatibilität des depotrechts Zeitschrift Für Wirtschaftsund Bankrecht, 24. 1101-1108. ISSN 0342-6971

Paech, Philipp (2005) Explanatory notes to the preliminary draft UNIDROIT convention on harmonised substantive rules regarding securities held with an intermediary Uniform Law Review, 1/2. 36-114. ISSN 1124-3694

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Dr Philipp Paech joined the Law Department of the LSE in 2010 after working in the Financial Markets Directorate of the European Commission for four years. He was secretary of the EU Clearing and Settlement Legal Certainty Group of the European Commission and Chairman of the G30 Clearing and Settlement Legal Committee. From 2002 to 2006, he was a member of the UNIDROIT Secretariat in Rome and co-ordinated work on what is today, the Geneva Securities Convention. Earlier work experience includes the Association of German Banks and the Boston Consulting Group. Philipp holds a doctorate from the University of Bonn and obtained the Diploma of EU Studies from the University of Toulouse. Dr Paech is also a member of the UK Government’s delegation to the Unidroit Intergovernmental Conference on International Principles on Close-out Netting and was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Tokyo University Graduate School for Law and Politics.

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