Dodd, Nigel

Professor Nigel Dodd  


Position held

Department of Sociology

Professor in Sociology

Experience keywords:

debt; the euro; social lending; digital money; Complementary currencies; the sociology of money; bitcoin; the future of cash

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+44 (0)20 7955 7571


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Dodd, Nigel (2013) Editorial: special issue on Georg Simmel and David Frisby Journal of Classical Sociology, 13 (1). 3-7. ISSN 1468-795X

Dodd, Nigel (2013) Nietzsche's money Journal of Classical Sociology, 13 (1). 47-68. ISSN 1468-795X


Dodd, Nigel (2012) Simmel’s perfect money: fiction, socialism and utopia in the philosophy of money Theory, Culture and Society, 29 (7-8). 146-176 . ISSN 0263-2764


Dodd, Nigel (2011) 'Strange money': risk, finance and socialized debt British Journal of Sociology, 62 (1). 175-194. ISSN 0007-1315


Dodd, Nigel (2008) Goethe in Palermo: Urphanomen and analogical reasoning in Simmel and Benjamin Journal of Classical Sociology, 8 (4). 411-445. ISSN 1468-795X


Dodd, Nigel (2006) Reinventing 'monies' in Europe Economy and Society, 34 (4). 558-583. ISSN 1469-5766


Dodd, Nigel (2005) Laundering 'money': on the need for conceptual clarity within the sociology of money Archives Europeennes de Sociologie, 46 (3). 387-411. ISSN 0003-9756


Dodd, Nigel (2001) The hidden side of the Euro Finance and the Common Good/Bien Commun (9). 45-51. ISSN 1422-4658

Dodd, Nigel (2001) What is 'sociological' about the Euro? European Societies, 3 (1). 23-39. ISSN 1461-6696


Dodd, Nigel (2000) Convergence in Euroland Policy Newsletter, 1 (1).

Dodd, Nigel (2000) Economic sociology in the UK Economic Sociology_the European Electronic Newsletter, 2 (1). 3-12. ISSN 1871-3351

Dodd, Nigel and Hutter, Bridgit (2000) Geopolitics and the regulation of economic life Law and Policy, 22 (1). 1-24. ISSN 0265-8240

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The Social Life of Money draws out the utopian aspects of money and the ways in which its transformation could in turn transform society, politics, and economics.

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