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Dr Marco Scalvini  


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United Nations



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Consultancy; Creative Industries and Culture; Healthcare; Information Technology; Media Technology and New Media; Telecommunications


English [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; French [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]; German [Spoken: , Written: Basic]; Italian [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

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Has written for mainstream press; Radio

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Scalvini, Marco (2017) Why we must defend suicide in fiction. BMJ (359). ISSN 1756-1833

Scalvini, Marco (2017) UK’s new drug strategy ignores social and cultural contexts BMJ (358). ISSN 1756-1833


Scalvini, Marco and Fabris, Monica (2016) The failure of the Italian constitutional reform signals a crisis of representation in politics LSE Brexit blog (5 Dec 2016) Blog entry

Scalvini, Marco and Parkes, Chris (2016) Oral history as a method to analyse historical and cultural contexts and inform policymaking: the example of the early AIDS epidemic Impact of Social Sciences Blog (1 Dec 2016) Blog entry

Scalvini, Marco (2016) A crisis of religious diversity: debating integration in post-immigration Europe Discourse and Communication, 10 (6). 614-634. ISSN 1750-4821


Scalvini, Marco (2015) Gay men need clear information about ‘chemsex’, not messages about morality Guardian (10 Nov 2015) opinion


Scalvini, Marco (2013) The secret war: British nationals stripped of their citizenship Opendemocracy (15 Mar 2013) Website

Scalvini, Marco (2013) Book review: Encounters with Islam: on religion, politicsand modernity LSE Review of Books (13 Apr 2013) Blog entry

Scalvini, Marco (2013) Muslims must embrace our values: a critical analysis of the debate on Muslim integration in France, Germany, and the UK doctoral thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science


Scalvini, Marco (2012) Book review: democracy and public space: the physical sites of democratic performance LSE Review of Books (7 Dec 2012) Blog entry

Scalvini, Marco (2012) Book review: How Merkel, Cameron, and Sarkozy have played the role of champions for Europe’s secular identity against the perceived threat of Islam LSE Review of Books.


Scalvini, Marco (2011) The European public debate on Islam. In: LSE Research Day 2011: The Early Career Researcher, 26 May 2011, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

Scalvini, Marco (2011) Italian Spring: the Berlusconi era may be nearing its end Opendemocracy (6 Jun 2011) Website

Scalvini, Marco (2011) Humanitarian wars and rejected refugees Opendemocracy (17 Apr 2011) Website

Scalvini, Marco (2011) Book review: the European public sphere and the media: Europe in crisis Journal of Language and Politics, 10 (2). 287-291. ISSN 1569-2159

Scalvini, Marco (2011) Obama: the rhetoric of justice (guest blog) POLIS: journalism and society at the LSE (10 May 2011) blog

Scalvini, Marco (2011) Europe’s double-standards on freedom for Libya (guest-blog) POLIS: journalism and society at the LSE (13 Apr 2011) blog

Scalvini, Marco (2011) Italian islamophobia: the church, the media and the xenophobic right In: Hutchings, Stephen and Flood, Chris and Miazhevich, Galina and Nickels, Henri, (eds.) Islam in Its International Context: Comparative Perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, 151-167. ISBN 9781443828864

Scalvini, Marco (2010) How even the best papers still misreport HIV & AIDS (guest-blog) POLIS: journalism and society at the LSE (2 Dec 2010) blog

Scalvini, Marco (2010) Glamorizing sick bodies: how commercial advertising has changed the representation of HIV/AIDS Social Semiotics, 20 (3). 219 - 231. ISSN 1035-0330


Scalvini, Marco (2007) What’s wrong with Muslims? screening conflict and identity within France and Britain’s suburbs In: Faccioli, Patrizia and Gibbons, Jacqueline A., (eds.) Framing Globalization: Visual Perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK, 158-176. ISBN 9781847183736


Scalvini, Marco (2006) Bareback movies: men, fantasies and semen exchange. In: XVI International AIDS Conference, 2006, 13 - 18 August 2006, Toronto, Canada

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I am a lecturer in Marketing and Communication in the Global Dimensions Program at the LSE Enterprise. My research agenda entails persuasion, conformity and influence in public communication. I apply digital methods to investigate, interpret, analyse and present complex issues, concepts, narratives and data.

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