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Naser, Marwan (2012) Palestinian economics: its limitation and the prospect of success: economics development constraints: challenges and response Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 9783659161377

Naser, Marwan (2012) Ahead for developing visions and strategies of the occupied Palestinian territories


Naser, Marwan (2010) Challenges facing Palestinian women in economics development The Author.


Naser, Marwan (2007) Palestinian education system: challenges and response The Author.

Naser, Marwan (2007) Palestinian woman and economics development: what went wrong? The Author.


Naser, Marwan (2006) Analyzing of labour market policy in the West Bank and Gaza The Author.


Naser, Marwan (2005) Credit policy for working banks in Palestinian territories The Author, Marrakech.


Naser, Marwan (2001) Obstacles to investment in the West Bank and Gaza The Author.


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