Naser, Marwan

Dr Marwan Naser  


Position held

Department of International Development

Senior Research Fellow

Non LSE positions held


Position held

Al Azhar University of Gaza

Assistant Professor

NASERCON Consulting, France


Experience keywords:

economics development; Demographic Implications; poverty; economics policies; unemployment; labour market; political economy

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Marwan Naser is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of International Development. Marwan is an economist specialising in the Middle East, especially the Arab World. He was a research fellow at CEREFI- University of Paul Cézanne- Aix Marseille III in France. He taught for a long while at Alazhar University and Alquds Open University in Gaza, University of Paul Cézanne in France and has been involved and taught in the Libyan Leadership Programme

He has worked and written extensively on Israeli-Palestinian conflict and policies, and has been involved in a research project on the Palestinian refugees, for which he is conducting fieldwork in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

He is currently researching the MENA’s Youth: A Demographic Opportunity Or A Challenge (Evidence from Arab World). The research aims to:

- Analyse the main underlying factors influencing the magnitude of regional variation of population change in the region and examines the implications of demographic change for regional growth, equity and environmental sustainability.

- Analyse the reason for slow improvement of educational level of population in the Arab world despite substantial investment on the education system in many of the Arab countries and the failure of the labour force market to absorb the increased number of unemployed youth.

- Analyse the security implications of the youth bulge in the region; and to find out whether there is direct casual link or an association between high proportions of youth in the population and a rise in political violence and civil unrest.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

ConsultancyCreative Industries and CultureFinancial ServicesPolicy and Regulatory Bodies

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Middle East, especially the Arab countries, Israel.


Arabic [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; French [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

Media experience:

Has written for mainstream pressRadioTV

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 6844

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Naser, Marwan (2012) Ahead for developing visions and strategies of the occupied Palestinian territories. In: Revolution and Revott : Understanding the Forms and Causes of Change, 26-28 March 2012, London,UK


Naser, Marwan (2010) Challenges facing Palestinian women in economics development The Author.


Naser, Marwan (2007) Palestinian education system: challenges and response The Author.

Naser, Marwan (2007) Palestinian woman and economics development: what went wrong? The Author.


Naser, Marwan (2006) Analyzing of labour market policy in the West Bank and Gaza The Author.


Naser, Marwan (2005) Credit policy for working banks in Palestinian territories The Author, Marrakech.


Naser, Marwan (2001) Obstacles to investment in the West Bank and Gaza The Author.

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Marwan Naser took his BA and MA in Economics and International Relations at the University of Sindh in Pakistan in 1997, and his PhD in Economic science at the University of Paul Cézanne- Aix Marseille III in France in 2007.

He taught for a long while at Alazhar University and Alquds Open University in Gaza, and at the University of Paul Cézanne in France, and has been involved and taught in the Libyan Leadership Programme.


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