Gruber, Lloyd

Dr Lloyd Gruber  


Position held

Assistant Professor in Political Economy of Development


Experience keywords:

foreign economic policy; global governance; globalisation, inequality, and redistribution; institutional design; international and comparative political economy; power, trade, and development; public policy analysis; regional integration

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A political scientist by training, Dr Gruber is the author of 'Ruling the World: power politics and the rise of supranational institutions' (Princeton University Press, 2000). His current research interests include globalization, inequality, and redistribution; power and institutions; international and comparative political economy; trade's impact on spatial disparities in economic and political development; regional integration and foreign economic policy; and public policy analysis. He has been an associate professor at the University of Chicago's Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies as well as a visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution.


French [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]; Italian [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]

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+44 (0)20 7955 6224

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Gruber, Lloyd (2016) Studying for an MPA: the two year advantage LSE Institute of Public Affairs Blog (19 Feb 2016) blog

Gruber, Lloyd and Venugopal, Rajesh (2016) Analysing the Trump of the matter International Development (27 Oct 2016) Blog entry

Gruber, Lloyd (2016) How political scientists got Trump exactly wrong USApp– American Politics and Policy Blog (1 Jun 2016) Blog entry


Gruber, Lloyd and Kosack, Stephen (2014) The tertiary tilt: education and inequality in the developing world World Development, 54. 253-272. ISSN 0305-750X


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Gruber, Lloyd (2013) Globalization and welfare: would rational hegemon still prefer openness? In: Finnermore, Martha and Goldstein, Judith, (eds.) Back to Basics: State Power in a Contemporary World. Oxford University Press, New York, USA, 249-279. ISBN 9780199970087


Gruber, Lloyd (2011) Globalisation with growth and equity: can we really have it all? Third World Quarterly, 32 (4). 629-652. ISSN 0143-6597


Gruber, Lloyd (2005) Globalization and redistribution: the missing link Harris School working paper series 05.8, The Harris School, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL., USA.

Gruber, Lloyd (2005) Globalization in theory: what's missing from the current debate? Harris School Working Paper, The Harris School, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL., USA.

Gruber, Lloyd (2005) Power politics and the institutionalization of international relations In: Barnett, Michael and Duvall, Raymond, (eds.) Power in Global Governance. Cambridge studies in international relations. Cambridge University Press, London, UK. ISBN 0521840244


Gruber, Lloyd (2001) Power politics and the free trade bandwagon Comparative Political Studies, 34 (7). 703-741. ISSN 0010-4140


Gruber, Lloyd (2000) Ruling the world: power politics and the rise of supranational institutions Princeton University Press, New Jersey. ISBN 9780691010410

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