Chouliaraki, Lilie

Professor Lilie Chouliaraki  


Position held

Professor of Media and Communications, and Head of Department


Research Director


Experience keywords:

corporate communication and branding; humanitarian communication; media ethics; media representations of suffering and violence; public sphere and civil action

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Lilie Chouliaraki’s research focuses on the imagery and language of the media, including television news, photojournalism, humanitarian campaigns and films, from the perspective of how they may facilitate civil action and cosmopolitan citizenship.

She has published extensively on the moral implications of the media in contemporary public life, some of her key themes being the discourses of news on distant suffering; the aesthetic properties of war reporting and the intersection between humanitarianism and corporate communication.


Danish [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Fluent]; French [Spoken: Basic, Written: Intermediate]; Greek [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; Spanish [Spoken: Basic, Written: Intermediate]

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+44 (0)20 7852 3790



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This book explores the communication strategies of major humanitarian players and shows how the ethics of solidarity has changed in the past half century.

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ICA 2015 Outstanding Book of the Year Award for The Ironic Spectator: solidarity in the age of post-humanitarianism (Polity Press, 2012)

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