Steele, Katie

Dr Katie Steele  


Position held

Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

Associate Professor in Philosophy

Experience keywords:

rational and social choice theory; philosophy of probability; environmental philosophy and decision making

Contact Points


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Bradley, Seamus and Steele, Katie Siobhan (2014) Should subjective probabilities be sharp? Episteme, 11 (03). 277-289. ISSN 1742-3600


Bradley, Seamus and Steele, Katie Siobhan (2013) Uncertainty, learning, and the “Problem” of dilation Erkenntnis. ISSN 0165-0106

Werndl, Charlotte and Steele, Katie (2013) Climate models, calibration, and confirmation British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 64 (3). 609-635. ISSN 0007-0882

Steele, Katie (2013) Persistent experimenters, stopping rules, and statistical inference Erkenntnis, 78 (4). 937-961. ISSN 0165-0106


Steele, Katie Siobhan (2012) The scientist qua policy advisor makes value judgments Philosophy of Science (Proceedings), 79 (5). 893-904. ISSN 0031-8248

Steele, Katie Siobhan (2012) Testimony as evidence: more problems for linear pooling Journal of Philosophical Logic, 41 (6). 983-999. ISSN 0022-3611


Colyvan, Mark and Cox, Damian and Steele, Katie Siobhan (2010) Modelling the moral dimension of decisions Noûs, 44 (3). 503-529. ISSN 1468-0068

Steele, Katie Siobhan (2010) What are the minimal requirements of rational choice?: arguments from the sequential-decision setting Theory and Decision, 68 (4). 463-487. ISSN 0040-5833


Steele, Katie Siobhan and Carmel, Yohay and Cross, Jean and Wilcox, Chris (2009) Uses and misuses of multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) in environmental decision making Risk Analysis, 29 (1). 26-33. ISSN 1539-6924


Steele, Katie Siobhan (2007) Distinguishing indeterminate belief from "risk-averse" preferences Synthese, 158 (2). 189-205. ISSN 0039-7857

Steele, Katie Siobhan and Regan, Helen M. and Colyvan, Mark and Burgman, Mark A. (2007) Right decisions or happy decision‐makers? Social Epistemology, 21 (4). 349-368. ISSN 0269-1728


Steele, Katie Siobhan (2006) The precautionary principle: a new approach to public decision-making? Law, Probability and Risk, 5 (1). 19-31. ISSN 1470-8396

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