Matus, Kira

Dr Kira Matus  


Position held

Department of Government

Assistant Professor in Public Policy and Management

Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR)

Research Associate

Experience keywords:

green chemistry and engineering; science policy; sustainable production and consumption systems; sustainability science; health impacts of air pollution and climate change; certification and ecolabels; corporate sustainability; standards; innovation systems and policy; voluntary and private regulation; biofuels

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Dr Matusā€™ area of expertise is the development and application of innovative technology to address sustainable development. This includes exploring the potential of green chemistry as a so-called leapfrog technology in the United States, India and China. Other areas of research include quantifying the co-benefits of environmental and climate regulation; analysis and development of chemical regulation policy in the United States and Europe; the use of clean technologies for risk management, and the policies and institutions required for the production and dissemination of technologies that provide global public goods.

Dr Matus is also involved in research on voluntary regulation and emerging institutional arrangements that promote sustainable development, especially the role of standards and certification in the development of more sustainable, "green" products and technologies in the global supply chain.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

EnergyEnvironmentLawPolicy and Regulatory BodiesPublic Administration

Countries and regions to which research relates:

United States; Asia; China; Europe; India

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7107 9335


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