Stockdale, Janet

Dr Janet Stockdale  


Position held

Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology


Non LSE positions held

University of London International Programmes at LSE



Experience keywords:

crime and anti-social behaviour; harassment; immigration and citizenship; personal and community safety; policing; policy evaluation

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Jan Stockdale has considerable research and consultancy experience in diverse contexts. She has particular experience of social research design, methodological techniques and data analysis, including survey and questionnaire design, interviewing, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, and process, impact and economic evaluation.

For over twenty years, she has been actively involved in research relating to policing, crime reduction and community safety. Research projects for the Home Office, other Government Departments and the Police Service have involved the use of a range of complementary techniques to examine a variety of interventions and training provision.

Her research includes process and impact evaluations of targeted policing initiatives directed at vehicle and drug-related crime; assessments of anti-burglary strategies and action against street robbery; quality control audits of police interviews and the presentation of police evidence in court; and analyses of the role and impact of neighbourhood and street wardens both in this country and elsewhere. She has also been involved in research into young people’s gang membership and their participation in street crime, the costs of anti-social behaviour, illegal use of firearms and action to tackle gun crime, and international comparisons of policing and crime reduction.

Most recently she has contributed to research examining the public’s responses to asylum seekers, conceptions of citizenship and representations of ageing. She is currently leading an evaluation of training designed to encourage and enhance entrepreneurial activity in both the business and education sectors

Sectors and industries to which research relates:


Media experience:

Radio; TV

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 20 7107 5113



Clery, Elizabeth and Stockdale, Janet (2009) Is Britain a respectful society? In: Park, Alison and John, Curtice and Thomson, Katarina and Phillips, Miranda and Clery, Elizabeth, (eds.) British Social Attitudes: the 25th Report. British social attitudes survey series. SAGE Publications Ltd., London, UK, 203-226. ISBN 9781848606395

Andreouli, Eleni and Stockdale, Jan E. (2009) Earned citizenship: assumptions and implications Tottel's Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law, 23 (2). 165-180. ISSN 1746-7632


Pearce, Julia M. and Stockdale, Jan E. (2008) UK ressonses to the asylum issue: a comparison of lay and expert views Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 19 (2). 142-155. ISSN 1052-9284


Stockdale, Jan E. and Whitehead, Christine M. E. and Jacobson, J. and Scanlon, Kathleen (2005) Southampton Neighbourhood Warden Scheme: evaluation City of Southampton, Southampton, UK.


Stockdale, Jan E. and Fitzgerald, M. and Hale, C. (2003) Young people and street crime Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, London, UK.


Harper, R. L. and Harper, G. C. and Stockdale, Jan E. (2002) The role and sentencing of women in drug trafficking crime Legal and Criminological Psychology, 7 (1). 101-114. ISSN 1355-3259

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