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Dr Justin Gest  


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Harvard University

Harvard College Fellow


Experience keywords:

Islam; Muslims in the West; citizenship; civic engagement; extremism; globalisation; identity politics; integration; migration; participation; terrorism

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Dr Justin Gest is the Deputy Director of the LSE Migration Studies Unit. His teaching and research interests include comparative political behaviour, global migration, citizenship, political identity, Muslim politics, globalisation and social theory. His previous research focused on alienated and participatory political behaviour in Western democracies, using case studies of Western Muslim communities. This work was collected in the book, 'Apart: Alienated and Engaged Muslims in the West' (Columbia University Press/Hurst, 2010). His recent research examines international migrants' rights and comparative migration policies. He received a doctorate in Government from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a bachelors in Government from Harvard University.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Creative Industries and Culture; Law; Policy and Regulatory Bodies

Countries and regions to which research relates:

London and the United Kingdom; Madrid and Spain; United States; Western Europe


Spanish [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

Media experience:

Has written for mainstream press; Radio; TV

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Beine, Michel and Boucher, Anna and Burgoon, Brian and Crock, Mary and Gest, Justin and Hiscox, Michael and McGovern, Patrick and Rapoport, Hillel and Schaper, Joep and Thielemann, Eiko R. (2016) Comparing immigration policies: an overview from the IMPALA database International Migration Review, 50 (4). 827-863. ISSN 0197-9183


Beine, Michel and Burgoon, Brian B. and Crock, Mary and Gest, Justin and Hiscox, Michael and McGovern, Patrick and Rapoport, Hillel and Thielemann, Eiko R. (2015) Measuring immigration policies: preliminary evidence from IMPALA CESifo Economic Studies, 61 (3-4). 527-559. ISSN 1610-241X


Gest, Justin and Boucher, Anna and Challen, Suzanna and Burgoon, Brian and Thielemann, Eiko R. and Beine, Michel and McGovern, Patrick and Crock, Mary and Rapoport, Hillel and Hiscox, Michael (2014) Measuring and comparing immigration, asylum and naturalization policies across countries: challenges and solutions Global Policy, 5 (3). 261-274. ISSN 1758-5880


Gest, Justin and Armstrong, Carolyn and Carolan, Elizabeth and Fox, Elliott and Holzer, Vanessa and McLellan, Tim and Mogan, Audrey Cherryl and Talib, Meher (2013) Tracking the process of international norm emergence: a comparative analysis of six agendas and emerging migrants' rights Global Governance, 19 (2). 153-185. ISSN 1075-2846


Gest, Justin (2010) Apart: alienated and engaged Muslims in the West Hurst & Co., London, UK. ISBN 9781849040761

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APSA Urban Politics Section Norton Long Young Scholar Prize; APSA Urban Politics Section Clarence Stone Scholar Award; William Robson Thesis Prize; Baroness Birk Scholarship; Ralph Miliband Doctoral Scholarship; Abbey/Grupo Santander Fellowship; Bernard Levin Journalism Fellowship

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