Sood, Gagan

Dr Gagan Sood  


Position held

Assistant Professor


Experience keywords:

Emergence of the Modern State; Global History; History of Empires; Islam; Law and Society; Modern Colonialism; Social Scientific History (Historical Sociology); Trade and Politics

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Dr Sood’s main fields of interest are pre-modern India and the Islamic heartlands. His current research agenda seeks to recapture the connective tissue binding much of what we today know as the Middle East and South Asia before the nineteenth century. In so doing, it aims to shed light on major though now obscured facets of this region’s past, both in the context of the early modern world and of its differentiated transitions to modern colonialism.

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Islamic World; Middle East; South Asia

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Sood, Gagan D. S. (2018) Through a Persian looking glass: Malabar's world in the middle of the eighteenth century In: Pearson, Michael and Kooria, Mahmood, (eds.) Malabar in the Indian Ocean: cosmopolitanism in a maritime historical region. Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India, 201-231.

Sood, Gagan D. S. (2018) A world revealed: Islamic heartlands and India in the 18th century History Today, 68 (2). 58-69. ISSN 0018-2753


Sood, Gagan D. S. (2016) India and the Islamic heartlands: an eighteenth-century world of circulation and exchange Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107121270


Sood, Gagan D. S. (2013) Sovereign justice in precolonial maritime Asia: the case of the Mayor's court of Bombay, 1726–1798 Itinerario, 37 (02). 46-72. ISSN 0165-1153


Sood, Gagan D. S. (2011) Circulation and exchange in Islamicate Eurasia: a regional approach to the early modern world Past and Present, 212 (1). 113-162. ISSN 0031-2746

Sood, Gagan D. S. (2011) An Islamicate Eurasia: vernacular perspectives on the early modern world In: Bonine, Michael E. and Amanat, Abbas and Gasper, Michael Ezekiel, (eds.) Is there a Middle East? The evolution of a geopolitical concept. Stanford University Press, Chicago, USA, 152-170. ISBN 9780804775267


Sood, Gagan D. S. (2009) Book review: asking about origins Science, 326 (5957). 1190-1191. ISSN 0036-8075

Sood, Gagan (2009) The informational fabric of eighteenth-century India and the Middle East: couriers, intermediaries and postal communication Modern Asian Studies, 43 (05). 1085-1116. ISSN 0026-749X


Sood, Gagan D. S. (2007) "Correspondence is equal to half a meeting": the composition and comprehension of letters in eighteenth-century Islamic Eurasia Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 50 (2/3). 172-214. ISSN 0022-4995

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