Montuschi, Eleonora

Dr Eleonora Montuschi  


Position held

Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS)

Research associate

Experience keywords:

philosophy of social science; scientific objectivity; philosophy of science; evidence

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Dr Montuschi's research interests include the philosophy of science and social science, objectivity in scientific research, and the concept and use of evidence in philosophy, science and policy.


Italian [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

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+44 (0)20 7955 6047


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Montuschi, Eleonora (2009) Questions of evidence in evidence-based policy Axiomathes, 19 (4). 425-439. ISSN 1122-1151


Montuschi, Eleonora (2007) New paradigms of social objects: ontological complexity and methodological trans-disciplinarity In: Broutti, S, (ed.) Models for the Human Sciences. Anthropology, Complex Systems and Cognitive Science. Trouber, Bologna.

Montuschi, Eleonora (2007) Real, invented or applied?: some reflections on scientific objectivity and social ontology In: Lawson, C and Latsis, J S and Martins, N M, (eds.) Contributions to Social Ontology. Routledge studies in critical realism (15). Routledge, London, UK, 177-191. ISBN 9780415403733


Montuschi, Eleonora (2006) Oggettivita e scienze umane: introduzione alla filosofia della ricerca sociale Carocci, Rome, Italy. ISBN 9788843037049

Montuschi, Eleonora (2006) Philosophy and social science In: Grayling, Antony and Pyle, Andrew and Goulder, Naomi, (eds.) Continuum Encyclopaedia of British Philosophy. Continuum International Publishing Group, London, UK. ISBN 9781843711414


Montuschi, Eleonora (2005) Relativism, pluralism and diversity In: Barotta, P., (ed.) Pluralismo e Societa' Multietniche. Edizioni ETS, Pisa, Italy, 13-25. ISBN 884671170x


Montuschi, Eleonora (2004) Aspects of social ontology Oltrecorrente, 9. ISSN 1722-2192

Montuschi, Eleonora (2004) Rethinking objectivity in social science Social Epistemology, 18 (2-3). 109-122. ISSN 0269-1728


Montuschi, Eleonora (2003) The objects of social science Continuum Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780826466358


Montuschi, Eleonora (2000) Metaphor in science In: Newton-Smith, William, (ed.) A Companion to the Philosophy of Science. Blackwell companions to philosophy. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, 277-282. ISBN 9780631230205

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