Montuschi, Eleonora

Dr Eleonora Montuschi  


Position held

Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS)

Senior Research Fellow

Non LSE positions held


Position held

Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, University of Venice Ca' Foscari

Associate Professor

Experience keywords:

evidence; philosophy of social science; scientific objectivity; philosophy of science

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Dr Montuschi's research interests include the philosophy of science and social science, objectivity in scientific research, and the concept and use of evidence in philosophy, science and policy.

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Australia; Europe; North America


Italian [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

Media experience:


Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 6047

Alt phone number:

0039 041 234 7259

Alt email:


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Montuschi, Eleonora (2009) Questions of evidence in evidence-based policy Axiomathes, 19 (4). 425-439. ISSN 1122-1151


Montuschi, Eleonora (2007) New paradigms of social objects: ontological complexity and methodological trans-disciplinarity In: Broutti, S, (ed.) Models for the Human Sciences. Anthropology, Complex Systems and Cognitive Science. Trouber, Bologna.

Montuschi, Eleonora (2007) Real, invented or applied?: some reflections on scientific objectivity and social ontology In: Lawson, C and Latsis, J S and Martins, N M, (eds.) Contributions to Social Ontology. Routledge studies in critical realism (15). Routledge, London, UK, 177-191. ISBN 9780415403733


Montuschi, Eleonora (2006) Oggettivita e scienze umane: introduzione alla filosofia della ricerca sociale Carocci, Rome, Italy. ISBN 9788843037049

Montuschi, Eleonora (2006) Philosophy and social science In: Grayling, Antony and Pyle, Andrew and Goulder, Naomi, (eds.) Continuum Encyclopaedia of British Philosophy. Continuum International Publishing Group, London, UK. ISBN 9781843711414


Montuschi, Eleonora (2005) Relativism, pluralism and diversity In: Barotta, P., (ed.) Pluralismo e Societa' Multietniche. Edizioni ETS, Pisa, Italy, 13-25. ISBN 884671170x


Montuschi, Eleonora (2004) Aspects of social ontology Oltrecorrente, 9. ISSN 1722-2192

Montuschi, Eleonora (2004) Rethinking objectivity in social science Social Epistemology, 18 (2-3). 109-122. ISSN 0269-1728


Montuschi, Eleonora (2003) The objects of social science Continuum Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780826466358


Montuschi, Eleonora (2000) Metaphor in science In: Newton-Smith, William, (ed.) A Companion to the Philosophy of Science. Blackwell companions to philosophy. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, 277-282. ISBN 9780631230205

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