Ornelas, Emanuel

Dr Emanuel Ornelas  


Position held

Managerial Economics and Strategy Group (Department of Management)

Associate Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy

Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)

Director of the Globalisation Programme

Non LSE positions held


Position held

Journal of International Economics

Associate Editor

Experience keywords:

political economy; globalisation; export strategies; trade agreements; international trade; theories of the firm; outsourcing

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Emanuel Ornelas holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has presented his work in over 100 professional conferences and academic institutions, and he has published his research in leading economics journals.

Emanuel has carried out extensive research on the political economy of the formation and the consequences of regional trade agreements. He has also investigated other topics related to international trade and to theories of the firm, such as the impact of trade liberalization on firms' investment and outsourcing decisions, and the implications of the separation of ownership from control for the efficient restructuring of firms. More recently, Emanuel has examined the strategies of exporting firms and the factors that affect their dynamic behaviour.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Policy and Regulatory BodiesPublic Administration

Countries and regions to which research relates:

North America; Latin America; China; Brazil; Europe


Portuguese [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]; Spanish [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]

Media experience:

Has written for mainstream press

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7107 5175


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Liu, Xuepeng and Ornelas, Emanuel (2014) Free trade agreements and the consolidation of democracy American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 6 (2). 29-70. ISSN 1945-7707


Liu, Xuepeng and Ornelas, Emanuel (2013) Free trade agreements and the consolidation of democracy CEP Discussion Papers, CEPDP1184. Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.


Ornelas, Emanuel and Turner, John L. (2012) Protection and international sourcing Economic Journal, 122 (559). 26-63. ISSN 1468-0297

Araujo, Luis and Mion, Giordano and Ornelas, Emanuel (2012) Institutions and export dynamics Centre for Economic Policy Research, DP8809. Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, UK.


Calvo-Pardo, Hector and Freund, Caroline and Ornelas, Emanuel (2011) The ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: impact on trade flows and external trade barriers In: Barro, Robert J. and Lee, Jong-Wha, (eds.) Costs and Benefits of Economic Integration in Asia. Oxford University Press and Asian Development Bank, New York, USA. ISBN 0199753989


Freund, Caroline and Ornelas, Emanuel (2010) Regional trade agreements Annual Review of Economics, 2 (1). 139-166. ISSN 1941-1383


Estevadeordal, Antoni and Freund, Caroline and Ornelas, Emanuel (2008) Does regionalism affect trade liberalization toward non-members? Quarterly Journal of Economics, 123 (4). 1531-1575. ISSN 0033-5533

Ornelas, Emanuel and Turner, John L. (2008) Trade liberalization, outsourcing, and the hold-up problem Journal of International Economics, 74 (1). 225-241. ISSN 0022-1996

Ornelas, Emanuel (2008) Feasible multilateralism and the effects of regionalism Journal of International Economics, 74 (1). 202-224. ISSN 0022-1996


Ornelas, Emanuel and Turner, John L. (2007) Efficient dissolution of partnerships and the structure of control Games and Economic Behavior, 60 (1). 187-199. ISSN 0899-8256

Ornelas, Emanuel (2007) Exchanging market access at the outsiders' expense: the case of customs unions Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue Canadienne d'economique, 40 (1). 207-224. ISSN 1540-5982


Ornelas, Emanuel (2005) Taxation in the Brazilian construction sector: a redistributive instrument? Revista Brasileira de Economia de Empresas/Brazilian Journal of Business Economics, 5 (2). 7-20. ISSN 1676-8000

Ornelas, Emanuel (2005) Rent destruction and the political viability of free trade agreements The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120 (4). 1475-1506. ISSN 0033-5533

Ornelas, Emanuel (2005) Trade creating free trade areas and the undermining of multilateralism European Economic Review, 49 (7). 1717-1735. ISSN 0014-2921

Ornelas, Emanuel (2005) Endogenous free trade agreements and the multilateral trading system Journal of International Economics, 67 (2). 471-497. ISSN 0022-1996


Ornelas, Emanuel (2001) Lower indirect taxes in the Brazilian agricultural sector: who gains? Who loses? Economia Aplicada / Brazilian Journal of Applied Economics, 5 (3). 569-599. ISSN 1413-8050

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Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review 2012;
Chair Jacquemin award for "best paper on Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy" (ETSG) 2009;
RePEc's Top Young Economists (51st), as of September 2011;
Haralambos Simeonidis Award for Best Paper by an Economist Affiliated to a Brazilian Institution 2005;
Brazilian National Treasury Award for Research on Mercosur (2nd prize) 2005;
Brazilian National Treasury Award for Research in Public Finance (Honorable Mention) 1999;
Harold Groves Prize for Best First-Year Paper, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1998


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