Lieven, Dominic

Professor Dominic Lieven  


Position held

Department of International History

Professor of Russian History


Professor of Russian History

Experience keywords:

Former USSR; Russian history; comparative imperial history; Russian politics

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Soviet Union


French [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]; German [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Basic]; Russian [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Intermediate]

Media experience:


Contact Points


LSE Research Online, Funnelback Search


Lieven, Dominic (2012) Tolstoy on war, Russia, and empire In: McPeak, Rick and Orwin, Donna Tussing, (eds.) Tolstoy on War: Narrative Art and Historical Truth in "War and Peace". Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, USA. ISBN 978080148980


Lieven, Dominic (2011) Russian empires In: Cummings, Sally and Hinnebusch, Raymond, (eds.) Sovereignty After Empire: Comparing the Middle East and Central Asia. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 25-43. ISBN 9780748643042

Lieven, Dominic (2011) Russian empire In: Cummings, Sally N. and Hinnebusch, Raymond, (eds.) Sovereignty After Empire: Comparing the Middle East and Central Asia. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, UK. ISBN 9780748643042

Lieven, Dominic (2011) Mobilizing Russian horsepower in 1812 History, 96 (322). 152-166. ISSN 0018-2648


Lieven, Dominic (2010) Russia against Napoleon: the battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814 Allen Lane, London, UK. ISBN 9780713996371


Lieven, Dominic (2005) Empire, history and the contemporary global order In: Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 131, 2004 Lectures. Proceedings of the British Academy (131). Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 127-156. ISBN 9780197263518


Lieven, Dominic (2002) Empire's aftermath: a comparative perspective In: Cummings, Sally. N, (ed.) Power and Change in Central Asia. Routledge, London; New York, 24-41. ISBN 9780415255851


Lieven, Dominic (2001) The collapse of the Tsarist and Soviet Empires in comparative perspective In: Brix, Emil and Koch, Klaus and Vyslonzil, Elisabeth, (eds.) The Decline of Empires. Oldenbourg Verlag, Munich, 99-107. ISBN 9783486565942


Lieven, Dominic (2000) Empire: the Russian empire and its rivals John Murray, London. ISBN 0719552435


Lieven, Dominic (1999) Russia as empire: a comparative perspective In: Hosking, Geoffrey and Service, Robert, (eds.) Reinterpreting Russia. Edward Arnold, London. ISBN 9780340731345

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Personal website

My new book examines how and why the Russians defeated Napoleon. It covers not just grand strategy, military operations, espionage and diplomacy, but also the sinews of Russian power, military logistics and how the home front was mobilised.

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