Jones, David

Professor Emeritus David Jones  


Position held

Convenor and Professor Emeritus of Physical Geography


Experience keywords:

applied geomorphology; engineering geomorphology; environmental hazard management; environmental issues; global environmental change; landscape evolution; landslide risk assessment; risk assessment; risk management

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Considerable expertise in landform mapping and interpretation, and landslide hazard assessment. More recently, research interest has increasingly focussed on integrating the approaches of natural hazard assessment and environmental risk management.

Media experience:

Radio; TV

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+ 44 (0)20 7955 7590



Lee, E. Mark and Jones, David K. C. (2004) Landslide risk assessment Thomas Telford, London, UK. ISBN 9780727731715


Jones, David K. C. (2002) The earth as output: pollution In: Johnston, R. J. and Taylor, Peter J. and Watts, Michael J., (eds.) Geographies of Global Change. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, 391-411. ISBN 9780631222866


Jones, David K. C. (2001) Blowing sand and dust hazard, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia In: Griffiths, James S., (ed.) Land Surface Evaluation for Engineering Practice. Geological society engineering geology special publication (18). Geological Society, Bath, 171-180. ISBN 9781862390843

Jones, David K.C. (2001) The evolution of hillslope processes In: Higgitt, David L. and Lee, E. Mark, (eds.) Geomorphological Processes and Landscape Change: Britain in the Last 1000 Years. RGS-IBG book series. Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 61-89. ISBN 9780631222736

Jones, David K. C. (2001) Ground conditions and hazards: Suez City development, Egypt In: Griffiths, J. S., (ed.) Land Surface Evaluation for Engineering Practice. Engineering Geology Special Publications (18). The Geological Society, London, UK, 159-169. ISBN 9781862390843


Jones, David K. C. and Lee, E. M. and Brunsden, D. (2000) The landslide environment of Great Britain In: Broomhead, Eddie and Dixon, Neil and Ibsen, Maia Laura, (eds.) Landslides in Research, Theory and Practice: Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Landslides Held in Cardiff on 26-. Thomas Telford Ltd., London, 911-916. ISBN 9780727728722


Jones, David K. C. (1999) On the uplift and denudation of the weald In: Smith, B. J. and Whalley, W. B. and Warke, P. A., (eds.) Uplift, Erosion and Stability: Perspectives on Long-Term Landscape Development. Geological Society special bulletin (162). The Geological Society of London, Bath, UK, 25-43. ISBN 9781862390478


Doornkamp, J. C. and Brunsden, D. and Cooke, R. U. and Jones, David K. C. and Griffiths, J. S. (1987) Environmental geology mapping: an international review Geological Society Engineering Geology Special Publication, 4. 215-219. ISSN 0267-9914


Estrin, Saul and Defourney, J and Jones, David K.C (1985) The effects of workers' participation on enterprise performance: empirical evidence from French cooperatives International Journal of Industrial Organization, 3 (2). 197-217. ISSN 0167-7187

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